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Political News(2021/09/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Digital Agency Experts Meeting established To the first meeting this month Rakuten Mikitani President and others

2021-09-07 23:24:00
The Digital Agency has set up a meeting of experts to formulate a new priority plan for realizing a digital society, and will hold its first meeting later this month to start discussions.


Liberal Democratic Party presidential election Candidate movement activated Each faction continues to consider measures

2021-09-07 19:35:00
The Liberal Democratic Party presidential election is actively moving over candidates. Former Secretary-General Ishiba discussed the response with the members of the Ishiba faction, but while there were a number of opinions that "the decision of the candidacy should be left to the person himself", there was also an opinion that "the Minister of State for Regulatory Reform Kono should be supported". The trend is drawing attention, such as being issued. On the other hand, Minister Kono is making adjustments for candidates, such as meeting with the faction chairman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, on the 6th. We have summarized the movements on the 7th over the presidential election to select the successor to Prime Minister Suga.


Junior high school students communicate with Syowa Station in Antarctica The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology inspects a special class

2021-09-07 18:34:00
Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Hagita, who visited a special class that communicates with Showa base in the South Pole, pointed out that "the ICT environment can create new educational scenes" at the school site to promote online education. He expressed his intention to develop various lessons by utilizing each person's tablet terminal, etc., which is being maintained in Japan.


Budget budget request General account 111,655.9 billion yen, the largest ever for four consecutive years

2021-09-07 17:14:00
The Ministry of Finance has announced that the budget request of each ministry and agency for the formulation of the national budget for the next fiscal year has reached a record high of 111,655.9 billion yen due to the increase in social security costs and government bond costs. bottom.


Government Nuclear Disaster Prevention Council Approves countermeasures such as evacuation plan for Shimane nuclear power plant

2021-09-07 15:51:00
The government's Nuclear Disaster Prevention Council has taken measures including an evacuation plan for about 460,000 people within 30 kilometers from the nuclear power plant in case of a nuclear accident at the Shimane Nuclear Power Station of China Electric Power Co., Ltd. in Matsue City. Prime Minister Suga instructed the relevant ministers to proceed with measures for smooth evacuation.


Exemption from quarantine of inoculators “Considering the influx of new mutant viruses” Chief Cabinet Secretary

2021-09-07 14:56:00
In connection with Keidanren's proposal to take necessary measures to normalize socio-economic activities, such as returning vaccinated people to Japan and exempting them from quarantine measures after entering Japan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said that the new mutant virus He also indicated that he would consider future border measures, taking into account the indication of inflow.


Handling of Declarations, etc. "Judgment with an emphasis on the medical care provision system" Nishimura, Minister of Economic Revitalization

2021-09-07 14:48:00
Regarding the handling of emergency declarations that are due on September 12, Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic revitalization, pointed out that severe conditions such as hospital beds continue in metropolitan areas, and the number of medical care recipients at home etc. Including, he expressed his intention to make a decision with an emphasis on the medical care provision system.


To consult with the Legislative Council, "I can't read the family register name" to promote digitalization

2021-09-07 13:12:00
Minister of Justice Uekawa has announced that he will consult with the Legislative Council next week to enact legislation, saying that it is necessary to add readings to the names in the family register in order to promote the digitization of administrative procedures.


Deployment of stealth fighter "F35B" “Consultation with neighboring local governments” Minister of Defense Kishi

2021-09-07 12:51:00
Regarding the deployment of the state-of-the-art stealth fighter "F35B" to the Air Self-Defense Force Nittahara base in Miyazaki prefecture, Minister of Defense Kishi has virtually accepted the acceptance by the local mayor, and will continue to discuss with neighboring local governments in the future. I showed my thoughts.


Hyogo Governor's official car cancellation One box car criticized for high-priced lease

2021-09-07 12:33:00
Hyogo Prefecture has announced that it has canceled the Governor's official car "Century," which was criticized for its high leasing fees. In the future, we plan to switch to a one-box car, which will save about 7 million yen.


Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare "Situation where infection reduction is severe" Declaration judgment based on expert opinions "

2021-09-07 11:55:00
Regarding the handling of the state of emergency, which is due on September 12, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, although the number of infected people is declining nationwide, including the bed usage rate. He expressed his intention to make a final decision based on the opinions of experts, saying that the strict level continues.


Liberal Democratic Party Governor Election Mr. Kono Coordinating for Candidate Mr. Ishiba Discussed at Faction Meeting

2021-09-07 04:00:00
The Liberal Democratic Party presidential election to select the successor to Prime Minister Suga is actively moving over candidacy. The Minister of State for Regulatory Reform Kono is making adjustments for candidates, such as asking the Aso faction executives to which he belongs, and former secretary-general Ishiba has given cautious opinions about candidates within the Ishiba faction. Therefore, we will discuss the response at the faction meeting.


Liberal Democratic Party Aso's Amari Tax System Investigation Chairman Shows the idea of ​​supporting Mr. Kishida in the presidential election

2021-09-07 00:17:00
The Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the Amari tax system investigation appeared on BS Nippon Television's "Deep News" and said, "I personally feel sympathy for the former chairman of the political investigation, Kishida, and I honestly want to support him if circumstances permit." , Showed his support for Mr. Kishida.


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