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Political News(2021/10/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

To the Kumikaku Liberal Democratic Party President Kishida's statement of belief

2021-10-02 19:25:00
Liberal Democratic Party Governor Kishida met with former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Matsuno, who has been appointed as Chief Cabinet Secretary at the party headquarters on the afternoon of the 2nd, and was elected Prime Minister at the extraordinary Diet session convened on the 4th. We proceeded with the examination of the content of the statement of belief that we plan to give. After that, he told reporters about the ministerial personnel affairs, "I really want to decide during tomorrow."


Representative Tamaki, "The Kishida administration cannot realize honest politics."

2021-10-02 18:35:00
Regarding the new executive office of the Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic Party for the People's Representative Tamaki said, "Honest politics has been realized for the Kishida administration, which is an extension of the Abe administration, based on criticism that the intentions of factions are prioritized by the opposition parties. I can't do that, "he said, emphasizing the idea of ​​confronting the new Kishida administration with the aim of changing politics toward the House of Representatives election.


Double the national budget for children and child-rearing

2021-10-02 18:27:00
Regarding measures against the declining birthrate, the Constitutional Democratic Party has put together concrete measures to strengthen the response, such as doubling the budget of the country related to children and child-rearing, saying that the efforts of the government and the ruling party are insufficient.


Communist Shii Chairman "Aiming for an extension of the Abe administration"

2021-10-02 18:24:00
Regarding the personnel affairs of the new executive department and ministers of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Communist Party chairman Shii criticized that "it was clear that it was an extension of the Abe administration," and said that a political change was necessary, and a change of government through opposition cooperation. In order to aim for this, he reiterated the idea of ​​proceeding with discussions to unify the candidates for the House of Representatives election.


Komeito Yamaguchi "Should be disbanded after the statement of belief and the representative question"

2021-10-02 18:22:00
Regarding the dissolution and general election of the House of Representatives, Komeito representative Yamaguchi expressed the recognition that the House of Representatives should be dissolved after the new Prime Minister's statement of belief and representative questions at the extraordinary Diet session convened on the 4th.


Megumi Yokota, 57 years old this month, family appeals for "realization of returning home as soon as possible"

2021-10-02 18:15:00
Megumi Yokota, who was abducted by North Korea when she was in the first year of junior high school, held a rally in Kawasaki City in October before her 57th birthday, and her mother Sakie and others were all victims. I appealed again for the realization of returning to Japan as soon as possible.


Application for landing on the Senkaku Islands is not permitted by the country Ishigaki City applies for the installation of administrative signs

2021-10-02 17:04:00
It turned out that Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, had notified the city of a decision not to permit the application for landing permission on the island issued to the country to install an administrative sign with the new name of the Senkaku Islands. rice field.


"Strengthen medical system in preparation for re-expansion of infection" National Governors' Association recommends to the country

2021-10-02 16:44:00
Following the lifting of all states of emergency, the National Governors' Association met online and put together a proposal calling on the government to strengthen its medical care provision system in preparation for the re-emergence of infection.


Opposition "The new Kishida administration gives an explanation" Requests a budget committee to be held at the extraordinary Diet session

2021-10-02 05:06:00
Regarding the extraordinary Diet session to be convened next week, the opposition party should explain to the people before the House of Representatives election how they are planning to realize the economic policy that the new Kishida administration is aiming for. We will continue to hold the event and ask for it.


Foreign Minister Mogi's reappointment will be solidified. Acting Secretary-General Noda will join the cabinet on the 4th.

2021-10-02 05:06:00
The Liberal Democratic Party's governor, Kishida, launched a new executive office of the party on the 1st, and is now in full swing to consider personnel affairs for the formation of the cabinet on the 4th next week. The entry of Noda, acting secretary-general, who fought in the presidential election, is influential. In addition, the policy is to establish a new ministerial post in charge of economic security.


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