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Political News(2021/11/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Futenma Base "The only solution is to relocate Henoko" Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno

2021-11-06 20:27:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno visited Okinawa Prefecture for the first time after taking office, exchanged opinions with the residents around the US military Futenma base, and then met with Governor Tamaki. In this, Governor Tamaki requested the suspension of the relocation work of Futenma base to Henoko, Nago city, while Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, "The relocation to Henoko is the only solution" and asked for understanding. ..


Yamagata Prefectural Assembly Suspected of Unauthorized Resignation of Parliamentary Activity Expenses Intention to Hold Press Conference

2021-11-06 14:15:00
A member of the prefectural assembly in Yamagata Prefecture, who was the chairman of the prefectural assembly chairpersons nationwide, was suspected of illegally receiving political activity expenses, and this member resigned on the 6th.


Award certificate to the winners of the proportional representation of the House of Representatives Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

2021-11-06 12:00:00
On the 6th, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications handed out the winning certificates to those who were elected as proportional representatives of the House of Representatives election, which was voted on the 31st of last month.


Mr. Yoshimasa Hayashi to be appointed as Foreign Minister Prime Minister Kishida solidifies his intentions

2021-11-06 11:57:00
Prime Minister Kishida has decided to appoint former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Yoshimasa Hayashi as Foreign Minister of the Second Kishida Cabinet, which will be launched on the 10th of this month.


Some voices point out that the LDP's House of Representatives election "possibility of faction reorganization"

2021-11-06 05:09:00
Following the House of Representatives election, all seven factions within the Liberal Democratic Party have reduced their membership. Some factions have been absent from the top, and some have pointed out that this could lead to a reorganization of the factions within the party.


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