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Political News(2021/11/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

Constitutional Democratic Party Representative Elections Each candidate calls for support Online debate

2021-11-20 19:08:00
On the 20th, the four candidates for the Constitutional Democratic Party's representative election called for support by giving street speeches and calling parliamentarians and local councilors. In the afternoon, an online debate was held in which four people exchanged opinions with party members and supporters.


Government Considers Release of National Stockpiled Oil Due to Soaring Crude Oil Soaring Cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea

2021-11-20 19:05:00
With the price of crude oil soaring, it was found that the government is considering releasing the surplus of the national oil stockpile in the country to the market at the request of the United States. Japan and the United States, as well as South Korea, which is also requested by the United States, are considering working together to temporarily increase supply, and it seems that the aim is to curb the rise in crude oil prices to a certain extent. Will be.


Prime Minister Kishida Visiting classes using digital technology Exchange opinions with high school students

2021-11-20 18:54:00
Prime Minister Kishida visited Matsuyama City and exchanged opinions with high school students who are teaching using digital technology such as tablet terminals in a wheelchair, and emphasized the idea of ​​promoting regional revitalization through digitalization. ..


A memorial service for the SDF members who were killed by Prime Minister Kishida

2021-11-20 12:52:00
Prime Minister Kishida attended the memorial service for the SDF members who had died, saying, "We will firmly protect the lives and peaceful lives of the people without eliminating precious sacrifices," and comforted the spirits of the members.


Considering extension of stay of Japanese embassy staff evacuated from Afghanistan

2021-11-20 08:45:00
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considering extending the period of stay by switching to another status of residence, saying that there is no prospect of stabilizing the local situation over the response to the local staff of the Japanese embassy who evacuated from Afghanistan and entered Japan. increase.


Employment adjustment subsidy special measures To gradually reduce the maximum amount of subsidy

2021-11-20 08:30:00
Regarding the special measures for employment adjustment subsidies, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has decided to gradually reduce the maximum daily subsidy amount from January next year. On the other hand, we plan to continue the current special measures until the end of March next year for companies whose sales have decreased significantly.


100,000 yen benefit To set up a specialized department for prompt execution Government

2021-11-20 05:52:00
On the 19th, the government decided on a new economic measure that will bring the total amount of fiscal spending to more than 55 trillion yen, the largest ever. The government plans to set up a department in charge of specializing in benefits equivalent to 100,000 yen per person for those under the age of 18 and promote prompt execution.


Constitutional Democratic Party Elections of 4 people in a mixed battle Power to expand support such as local assembly votes

2021-11-20 05:34:00
The representative election of the Constitutional Democratic Party was announced on the 19th and entered the election campaign. With four people running for a melee, the trends of local council members, party members, and supporter votes may influence the game, and each camp is focusing on expanding support.


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