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Political News(2021/12/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

US Army Tank Disposal “Need to Revise US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement” Communist Shii Chairman

2021-12-02 19:06:00
The Communist Party chairman Kazuo Shii strongly protested that a fighter belonging to the US military Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture dumped two fuel tanks during the flight, one of which fell near a residential area. He acknowledged that the US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement needs to be revised so that police investigations can be carried out.


Chief Cabinet Secretary “Request for suspension of international flight reservations, both the Prime Minister and himself report after the fact”

2021-12-02 18:44:00
In connection with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism withdrawing the request to suspend new reservations on all international flights arriving in Japan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno received a post facto report that Prime Minister Kishida and himself made the request. He said, "In border measures, prompt response is more important than responsibility."


Liberal Democratic Property Tax Mitigation Measures End Policy This Year To Publicize and Adjust

2021-12-02 18:35:00
Regarding the property tax burden reduction measures, which will be one of the focal points of the tax reform next year, the LDP has decided to end this year as planned and will proceed with coordination with the Komeito, which is seeking an extension of the reduction measures. I did.


Approved personnel matters for party officers at the General Assembly of both Houses of Representatives

2021-12-02 17:11:00
The Constitutional Democratic Party held a general meeting of members of both Houses, and approved the personnel matters of party officers such as Secretary-general Chinami Nishimura presented by Representative Izumi, and a new executive office was established.


Liberal Democratic Ishiba faction moved to a group due to a decrease in the number of members

2021-12-02 14:51:00
The Liberal Democratic Party's Ishiba faction decided to move to a group of parliamentarians who allowed them to work with other factions, saying that it became difficult to maintain as a faction due to the decrease in the number of members belonging to the House of Representatives election.


Restoration and the people Aim to submit a bill that agrees with the obligation to disclose the use of "document transportation expenses"

2021-12-02 14:19:00
The Nippon Ishin no Kai and the Democratic Party for the People have agreed that the so-called documentary transportation expenses paid to members of the Diet should be obliged to disclose their usage, and will jointly submit a bill to the extraordinary Diet session to be convened next week. I confirmed the policy I am aiming for.


To examine the ideal LDP child allowance system Review of income restriction standards

2021-12-02 13:59:00
Regarding children's allowance, the Liberal Democratic Party's investigation committee will consider how the system should be, including reviewing the income restriction standard, which is the annual income of the person with the highest income in the household, to the income of the entire household. rice field.


China protests against former Prime Minister Abe's remark that "Taiwan contingency is contingency of Japan and Japan-US alliance"

2021-12-02 13:56:00
Former Prime Minister Abe of the Liberal Democratic Party said in a lecture that "a Taiwan emergency is a Japanese emergency, and it is also an emergency of the Japan-US alliance." I called on Ambassador Hideo Tarumi in Beijing to protest. In response, Ambassador Taru argued that "one-sided claims are unacceptable."


Constitutional Democratic Party Officers Decided on Personnel Appointment Focused on Renewing Image

2021-12-02 05:03:00
Izushin Unagi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, will decide on the appointment of party officers on the 2nd, including the appointment of Chinami Nishimura, the former Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, as the secretary-general. The focus will be on being able to renew the image of the policy-making political party that we are aiming for.


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