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Political News(2021/12/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Communism "Do not seek the realization of the party's own pledge" Policy to maintain a joint struggle with the Constitutional Democrats

2021-12-12 20:48:00
The Communist Party wants to maintain the joint struggle with the Constitutional Democratic Party in the previous House of Representatives election, and even if the change of government is realized, it will not demand the realization of the party's own promises such as the abolition of the Japan-US Security Treaty. I would like to explain it carefully to the people and broaden their understanding.


Foreign Minister Hayashi “Deepening trust with foreign ministers in face-to-face meetings” G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting

2021-12-12 18:57:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi, who attended the G7 = Foreign Ministers' Meetings of the Seven Major Countries in the United Kingdom, told reporters that he was able to deepen his personal relationship of trust through face-to-face meetings with the foreign ministers of each country. I emphasized.


Komeito Yamaguchi representative “Employment adjustment subsidy politicians feel uncomfortable”

2021-12-12 17:22:00
Regarding the fact that the party branch represented by former LDP secretary general Ishihara received the "employment adjustment subsidy", Komeito representative Yamaguchi said that it was uncomfortable for politicians to use it, and the government said that it was a system. He expressed the idea that the original purpose of the should be clearly explained.


Defense Minister Kishi Visited Matsushima Air Base, which was damaged by the tsunami caused by the Great Earthquake.

2021-12-12 17:14:00
Minister of Defense Kishi visited the Air Self-Defense Force Matsushima Air Base in Miyagi Prefecture, which was damaged by the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and expressed his intention to prepare for the disaster.


Democratic Party for the People's Tamaki “Document Transportation Expenses” Negative thoughts on daily payment priority

2021-12-12 16:11:00
Regarding so-called documentary transportation expenses, Tamaki, the representative of the Democratic Party for the People, expressed a negative idea that if the ruling party promises to oblige the disclosure of usage, it will give priority to payment on a daily basis, and will implement it as a set. I emphasized that it should be.


Foreign Minister Hayashi “Collaboration for Complete Denuclearization of North Korea” G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting

2021-12-12 14:38:00
At the G7 = Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the Seven Major Countries held in the United Kingdom, opinions were exchanged on the situation in North Korea, and Foreign Minister Hayashi emphasized the importance of adhering to the goal of complete denuclearization of North Korea. He emphasized and called for close cooperation among G7 countries.


Japan-France Foreign Ministers' Meeting “Deepening Cooperation through Security, etc.”

2021-12-12 13:20:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi will meet with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in the United Kingdom he visited to deepen cooperation in terms of security and share basic values ​​with China in mind, which will strengthen supremacy. We have confirmed that we will strengthen cooperation with countries in the Pacific region.


100,000 yen Cash or coupon? Ruling party "Municipal judgment" Opposition party "Full cash"

2021-12-12 11:57:00
In NHK's "Sunday Debate," the ruling party stated that it would be up to the local government to decide whether to pay cash or coupons over the benefits of 100,000 yen to those under the age of 18. The side commented that the entire amount should be cashed and the reduced costs should be used to support people in need.


Foreign Minister Hayashi “Appropriate response” to South Korean Foreign Minister on issues such as recruitment for the first time

2021-12-12 11:47:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi spoke briefly with South Korean Foreign Minister Jung Wei-young in the United Kingdom, where he visited, and explained Japan's consistent position on issues related to "recruitment" during the Pacific War and the issue of comfort women. I strongly urged the Korean side to take appropriate measures. This is the first time that they have exchanged words face-to-face as Foreign Ministers.


G7 Foreign Ministers'Meeting Foreign Minister Hayashi "Strongly urge China to act responsibly"

2021-12-12 07:25:00
On the first day, the G7 = seven major foreign ministers' meeting that opened in the United Kingdom discussed regional situations such as China and Russia, and Foreign Minister Hayashi opposed China's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo in the East China Sea and other areas. He expressed his intention to strongly demand responsible behavior.


Looking ahead to making promises for the LDP House of Councilors election

2021-12-12 06:20:00
Within the LDP over future fiscal policy, two organizations, one that emphasizes fiscal consolidation and one that is expected to be centered on members who seek active fiscal stimulus, have begun discussions and made promises for the Upper House election. Looking ahead, it is expected that activities from both sides will become more active.


Japan-US Foreign Ministers' Meeting Confirmed to strengthen "alliance deterrence and coping power" with China in mind

2021-12-12 00:03:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken for the first time in the United Kingdom he visited, strongly opposed China's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo in the East China Sea, etc. We agreed that strengthening was important.


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