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Political News(2022/02/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Mageshima Self-Defense Forces Base Construction Plan Defense Minister seeks understanding from Kagoshima Governor

2022-02-12 20:38:00
On the 12th, Minister of Defense Kishi met with Governor Shioda of Kagoshima Prefecture over a plan to build a Self-Defense Forces base to be used for training of the U.S. forces in Japan on Mageshima, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is necessary to proceed with facility development as soon as possible. "


Japan-US-Korea Foreign Ministers' Meeting Held in Hawaii on the 13th To discuss measures such as dealing with North Korea

2022-02-12 19:04:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi, who was visiting Australia, will meet with the United States and South Korea in Hawaii on the 13th of Japan time to discuss how to deal with North Korea, which is repeatedly launching ballistic missiles. I have decided.


Omicron Stock Border Countermeasures Prime Minister “I would like to consider in the direction of mitigation”

2022-02-12 13:33:00
As a measure against the border of Omicron strains, Prime Minister Kishida said that he would take measures such as suspending new entry of foreigners in principle, and based on the accumulation of scientific knowledge on Omicron strains and changes in the infection situation inside and outside Japan, he will work toward mitigation. Clarified the policy to conduct the examination.


Reconfirmation of cooperation at the Japan-US-Australia-India Foreign Ministers'Meeting Foreign Minister Hayashi goes to Hawaii at the Japan-US-Korea talks

2022-02-12 06:33:00
The Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the four-country framework "Quad" of Japan, the United States, Australia and India was held on the 11th. The government has reaffirmed its cooperation toward the realization of a "free and open Indo-Pacific," and plans to accelerate its concrete efforts in a wide range of fields, including security.


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