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Political News(2022/03/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Mogi

2022-03-12 18:31:00
Regarding the election cooperation between the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party for the summer Senate election, Secretary-general Motegi of the Liberal Democratic Party met with the prefectural leaders of five prefectures, including Hyogo, where the Komeito Party holds candidates, and understood the recommendation to the Komeito Party. He asked for it and expressed his intention to accept it from the prefectural government.


Farewell party for Shigeo Iizuka, the former representative of the abduction victims' family association

2022-03-12 18:07:00
A farewell party for Shigeo Iizuka, a former representative of the North Korean abduction victims' family association, who died last December, was held in Tokyo, and Megumi Yokota's younger brother Takuya, who took over the representative, said, "All I will continue to fight to recover the victims, so please keep an eye on me. "


Komeito Yamaguchi's "Trigger Clause" needs to be unfrozen and additional economic measures required

2022-03-12 17:31:00
In response to the soaring prices of crude oil and other products due to the influence of the situation in Ukraine, Komeito representative Yamaguchi recognizes that it is necessary to unfreeze the so-called "trigger clause" to stop the additional part of the gasoline tax and to take additional economic measures. Was shown.


Former Prime Minister Abe Russia's Invasion “Threat in Asia, Unity and Opposition”

2022-03-12 14:52:00
Former Prime Minister Abe of the Liberal Democratic Party gave a lecture on Russia's military invasion of Ukraine in Malaysia, pointing out that unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force are a serious threat in Asia as well. He argued that the sharing countries need to unite and oppose.


Prime Minister Kishida "Supporting the mental care and reconstruction of the victims of the earthquake"

2022-03-12 12:33:00
As 11 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Prime Minister Kishida visited the affected areas of Iwate and Miyagi prefectures on the 12th, and continued to cooperate with local governments to support the mental care of the victims and the reconstruction of their lives. I showed the idea to do it.


Prime Minister Kishida Additional Sanctions on Russia "Concrete Action in Coordination with G7"

2022-03-12 12:01:00
Prime Minister Kishida told reporters in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, that the leaders of the G7 = seven major countries issued a joint statement, saying, "Russia's invasion of Ukraine shakes the foundation of the international order, and the G7 He expressed his willingness to never forgive and admit, and to reunite his solidarity with Ukraine. " Regarding additional sanctions against Russia, "The government wants to take concrete actions in cooperation with the G7 based on the statement. Since each country is trying to take concrete measures, what should Japan do? I want to think hard. " On the other hand, Prime Minister Kishida made it clear that Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture and Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture had offered to accept Ukrainian refugees, and said, "People who have been evacuated want to accept Japan. The national government must respond after hearing specific requests such as whether or not and what kind of life to expect. The government also wants to consider acceptance so that it can meet expectations in cooperation with local governments. ".


$ 100 Million Humanitarian Aid for Ukrainian Refugees Considering Additional Assistance Government

2022-03-12 06:06:00
Following the increase in Ukrainian refugees, the government has decided to provide $ 100 million in humanitarian aid, including food and water. As the ceasefire is uncertain and it is expected that the lives of refugees will become even more difficult, we plan to consider additional support.


18 prefectures "prevention of spread" If infection improvement progresses, it will be canceled on the 21st

2022-03-12 05:50:00
Regarding priority measures such as prevention of spread in 18 prefectures, the number of newly infected people continues to decrease within the government, so if improvements are made as they are, it may be possible to cancel them by the deadline of March 21st. The view is widespread.


Strengthen measures against rising prices such as consumption tax cuts by appealing to each opposition party

2022-03-12 05:27:00
Opposition parties are urging them to take immediate measures, such as a temporary cut in the consumption tax rate, saying that the situation in Ukraine could raise prices not only for crude oil and wheat but also for many daily necessities. ..


40 Years of Look East Policy Former Prime Minister Abe meets with Malaysian Prime Minister

2022-03-12 04:31:00
Former Prime Minister Abe visited Malaysia as a special envoy of Prime Minister Ismail Sabri, as Malaysia's eastern policy = "Look East Policy" was launched to aim for national development by learning from Japan. I had a meeting with.


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