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Political News(2022/04/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Liberal Democratic Secretary-General Mogi “Not entrusted to the opposition party” Emphasizes victory in the Upper House election

2022-04-16 18:35:00
Over the summer Upper House election, Secretary General Mogi of the Liberal Democratic Party emphasized the idea of ​​aiming for victory, saying that it is not possible to entrust the administration to the opposition party, which is only criticized.


Prime Minister Kishida Emphasizes enhanced support for SMEs Emergency measures based on rising prices

2022-04-16 18:08:00
Prime Minister Kishida exchanged opinions with local business owners involved in making things in Niigata prefecture in a wheelchair, and then took urgent measures against the reporters based on the rise in prices to be summarized within this month, even for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. He emphasized the idea of ​​enhancing support for non-startup companies.


Representative Izumi Ritsumin “Consideration of a vote of no confidence if economic measures are not necessary and amended”

2022-04-16 13:48:00
Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said that it is necessary to take large-scale economic measures over the response to high prices and the depreciation of the yen. He expressed his intention to consider submitting a vote of confidence.


Prime Minister Kishida talks with US bipartisan delegation Confirmation of close cooperation between Japan and the United States

2022-04-16 12:45:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with a bipartisan parliamentary group in the United States, confirmed the close cooperation between Japan and the United States toward the realization of a free and open Indo-Pacific, and exchanged opinions on the situation in Ukraine.


“Document transportation expenses” prorated law enacted The agreement of each party on the remaining issues is unclear

2022-04-16 05:08:00
Following the enactment of a law to change the so-called documentary transportation expenses to daily payments, the ruling and opposition parties have decided to continue discussions on remaining issues such as the scope of usage and the way of disclosure, but each party is in the current Diet session. It is unclear whether we can agree.


Liberal Democratic Party Proposal Draft "Increase defense spending to 2% of GDP in about 5 years"

2022-04-16 05:07:00
The LDP has compiled a draft proposal for the revision of the government's national security strategy, and NATO = members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have set a target of 2% or more of GDP = gross domestic product for defense spending. With that in mind, Japan is also aiming to secure a similar budget level within five years.


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