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Political News(2022/05/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister Kishida's willingness to amend the Constitution "We must continue to challenge"

2022-05-03 19:02:00
A rally of groups made up of people in a position to amend the Constitution was held, and Prime Minister Kishida reiterated his willingness to amend the Constitution by stating in a video message, "Because society is undergoing major changes, we must continue to take on challenges." I did.


Three opposition parties, including the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Communist Party, complained that they "blocked the movement toward constitutional amendment."

2022-05-03 19:02:00
Three opposition parties, including the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Communist Party, have argued that civic groups in a position to protect the Constitution will attend a rally held in Tokyo and prevent the ruling party and other parties from moving toward constitutional amendment.


Prime Minister Kishida arrives in Italy Summit meeting with Prime Minister Draghi on the 4th

2022-05-03 15:52:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who has visited Southeast Asia and Europe, has arrived in Italy, his fourth country of visit. He will meet with Prime Minister Draghi on the 4th to discuss the situation in Ukraine and to meet with Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church.


Parliamentary Constitutional Debate More active than usual Focusing on concrete progress during the session

2022-05-03 06:54:00
On the 3rd of the Constitution Memorial Day, the Constitution of Japan celebrated its 75th anniversary. In the Diet, discussions related to the Constitution, such as online deliberation and emergency response, are being held more actively than usual, and the focus is on how far the discussions on constitutional amendment will proceed within the session until next month ahead of the Upper House election. ..


"Constitution Memorial Day" parties announce statements

2022-05-03 06:49:00
On "Constitution Memorial Day," each party issued a statement.


Next-generation communication standard "Beyond 5G" Japan and EU agree to strengthen cooperation

2022-05-03 06:42:00
Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Kaneko, who is visiting Belgium, met with EU executives and executives in the digital field of the European Commission, and Japan and the EU strengthened cooperation in research and development of the next-generation communication standard called Beyond 5G. We agreed by going.


Prime Minister Kishida finishes visiting three Southeast Asian countries Departure for Italy

2022-05-03 05:36:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who was visiting Thailand, completed a series of schedules in Southeast Asia and left for the next country to visit, Italy, before dawn on the 3rd of Japan time. Based on the results of the visits to the three Southeast Asian countries, I would like to confirm the further unity of the G7 = seven major countries over the situation in Ukraine.


Japan and Thailand Summit agree against unilateral change of status quo

2022-05-03 00:56:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who is visiting Thailand, held a summit meeting with Prime Minister Prayut and agreed that the situation in Ukraine would not be allowed to change by force in any region. We also agreed to conclude an agreement on the export of defense equipment from Japan, with China in mind as it strengthens its expansion into the ocean.


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