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Political News(2022/05/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Emphasis on "investment in people", etc.

2022-05-16 23:38:00
At the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, the government presented the outline of this "Honebuto no Hoshi" policy, and invested in people, science and technology, and startups to realize the "new capitalism" set by the Kishida administration. It is said that it will work on investment as a priority area.


Apology of Representative Ishin Misaki Not a "part-time lecturer" published in the election bulletin

2022-05-16 21:25:00
There is no doubt that Maki Misaki, a member of the House of Representatives of the Nippon Ishin no Kai, who was pointed out that the career of a part-time lecturer at the university published in the election bulletin may be different from the fact, gave a lecture at a press conference, but the "part-time lecturer" set by the university I apologized for finding that it did not hit.


Futenma base relocation tour Okinawa Prefecture dispute resolution committee to offer examination

2022-05-16 20:41:00
On the 16th, the prefecture is a member of the committee to mediate the dispute between the national and local governments regarding the fact that Okinawa Prefecture has disapproved the design change of the relocation plan of the U.S. military Futenma base and that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has instructed to correct it. I told the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism that I would offer an examination to the meeting.


Accepting foreign tourists “Small-scale visit to Japan tour will be conducted on a trial basis soon”

2022-05-16 18:27:00
Regarding the resumption of acceptance of foreign tourists, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno has indicated that he will soon start a small-scale visit to Japan, which he is considering conducting a trial.


Liberal Democratic Organization Governance Guidelines Approve the Outline Proposal "Governance Committee" Established, etc.

2022-05-16 17:28:00
A meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party's Party Reform Implementation Headquarters was held, and as a guideline for organizational governance, we approved the outline plan that included the establishment of a "governance committee" with outside experts and the implementation of compliance training for members of the Diet. ..


This year's supplementary budget for emergency measures against rising prices General account total 2,700.9 billion yen

2022-05-16 16:24:00
The government has set a supplementary budget for this year to implement emergency measures against rising prices, with a total of 2.709 trillion yen in the general account, and plans to issue additional deficit-financing bonds to cover all necessary financial resources. Hardened.


Prime Minister Requests Cooperation for Early Establishment of Supplementary Budget for Emergency Measures for Price Rise

2022-05-16 14:58:00
At the government-ruling party liaison conference, Prime Minister Kishida said that he would like to prepare for the supplementary budget for this year due to the emergency measures against rising prices in order to protect the lives of the people. I asked.


Meeting with Ukrainian national singer Prime Minister Kishida Thank you for humanitarian assistance

2022-05-16 13:12:00
Tina Karol, a well-known Ukrainian national singer, met with Prime Minister Kishida to thank Prime Minister Kishida for her humanitarian assistance and expressed her hope for future assistance.


Japan-US Summit Meeting to confirm strengthening cooperation by securing semiconductors that are in short supply worldwide

2022-05-16 06:58:00
At the Japan-US summit meeting with US President Joe Biden scheduled for next week on the 23rd, Prime Minister Kishida will make adjustments to confirm the securing of semiconductors that are in short supply worldwide and the strengthening of cooperation for research and development. We are.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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