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Political News(2022/05/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Representative of Izumi Ritsumin "Creating a country that enhances the freedom and vitality of the people"

2022-05-21 20:01:00
Regarding the government's and ruling party's response to the Economic Security Promotion Law, Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said, "If you just strengthen the crackdown power, the vitality of the country will be lost." Emphasized that it is necessary to realize.


[Details] President Biden's visit to Japan The focus of the "Japan-US Summit Meeting" is

2022-05-21 18:58:00
President Biden of the United States will visit Japan from May 22nd to 24th, and will hold a Japan-US summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida on the 23rd. This is the first full-scale face-to-face meeting between the two leaders, and it is expected that further cooperation will be confirmed in a wide range of fields such as security and economy, taking into account the situation in Ukraine.


“Adjustment by supporting candidates for the Yamagata constituency of the House of Councilors” Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Endo

2022-05-21 17:11:00
Regarding the Yamagata constituency, which was being adjusted in the direction of forgoing the support of candidates, the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman, Endo, said that it was necessary to show the Kishida administration's thinking to voters in Yamagata Prefecture over the summer House of Councilors election. He expressed his intention to proceed with the adjustment in the direction of supporting again.


Prime Minister Kishida Visits Kyoto City, where the Agency for Cultural Affairs will move

2022-05-21 16:05:00
Prime Minister Kishida will inspect the construction site of Kyoto City, where the Agency for Cultural Affairs will be relocated, and will start operations at the new government building at the end of March next year. I showed my hope to become.


At the Japan-US summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida, "I want to deepen the relationship of trust and confirm the strengthening of the alliance."

2022-05-21 13:57:00
Regarding the Japan-US summit meeting with US President Joe Biden on the 23rd, Prime Minister Kishida wants to exchange opinions on the situation in Ukraine, deepen the relationship of trust between the leaders, and confirm the further strengthening of the Japan-US alliance. I showed my thoughts.


Japan-US Summit Meeting on the 23rd To confirm strengthening cooperation to secure energy stability

2022-05-21 05:13:00
With energy security becoming a major issue in the wake of the situation in Ukraine, Prime Minister Kishida held a Japan-US summit meeting with US President Joe Biden on the 23rd in both Japan and the United States to secure stable energy. I would like to confirm the policy to strengthen cooperation.


"New structure for East China Sea gas field development" Ministry of Foreign Affairs protests against China

2022-05-21 04:32:00
Regarding the development of gas fields in the East China Sea, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that China is proceeding with the installation of new structures in the waters on the Chinese side near the midline between Japan and China, so it is unilaterally developed. I protested that it was extremely regrettable to proceed.


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