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Political News(2022/07/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Restoration “13 National Assembly members attended events related to the former Unification Church”

2022-07-30 20:48:00
Regarding the "Family Federation for World Peace and Unification" and the former Unification Church, the Japan Restoration Party announced that 13 of the party's parliamentarians had attended events of related organizations. However, the facts such as donations and election support were not confirmed, and there was no organizational connection.


Representative election to replace Representative Matsui, announced on the 14th of next month, to vote on the 27th

2022-07-30 18:48:00
The Japan Restoration Party has decided to hold an extraordinary party convention and hold a representative election to select the successor to Mr. Matsui, who has served as president for more than six and a half years, on the 14th of next month and the voting and counting of votes on the 27th. did.


Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagiuda informs US side of policy aiming to maintain "Sakhalin 2" interests

2022-07-30 11:32:00
On the 29th, the first meeting of the economic version of "2 Plus 2", in which the foreign affairs and economic ministers of Japan and the United States discuss the economic field, was held in Washington. Regarding the natural gas development project "Sakhalin 2", it has been revealed that it has conveyed to the US side a policy aimed at maintaining interests.


Japan-U.S. Foreign Ministers Consensus on Securing Reliability and Resilience of “Extended Deterrence”

2022-07-30 08:13:00
During his visit to Washington, Foreign Minister Hayashi held talks with U.S. Secretary of State Brinken. , agreed to continue to communicate closely.


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