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Political News(2022/09/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Impact of Typhoon No. 12 Iriomote Island Transporting ballot boxes for the Okinawa gubernatorial election by helicopter

2022-09-10 23:16:00
Voting for the Okinawa gubernatorial election was held one day early on the 10th on Iriomote Island in Taketomi Town, where boats were canceled due to Typhoon No. 12. was carried.


Representative Izumi Ritsumin “Submitted a letter of inquiry to the government regarding the possibility of an increase in the cost of a “national funeral””

2022-09-10 18:11:00
Concerning former Prime Minister Abe's "state funeral," Izumi, representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said that the questions of the people at the previous Diet session did not resolve the public's doubts, and asked the government about the possibility of further increases in expenses. I have submitted an idea.


National Democratic Party "inflation allowance" 100,000 yen per person

2022-09-10 13:46:00
In response to soaring prices, the Democratic Party for the People plans to put together a draft of economic measures totaling 23 trillion yen, such as providing 100,000 yen per person as an "inflation allowance", and will work on the government.


Ex-Prime Minister Abe's "national funeral" flower arrangement for the general public is adjusted by setting up "Kudanzaka Park"

2022-09-10 06:07:00
On the day of former Prime Minister Abe's "national funeral", the government is making final adjustments in the direction of setting up a flower stand for the general public to "Kudanzaka Park" near Nippon Budokan.


Ishin Baba Representative In the next House of Representatives election, Komei incumbent Kansai 6 single-seat constituencies

2022-09-10 00:07:00
Baba, representative of the Japan Restoration Party, mentioned the possibility of fielding candidates in a total of six single-seat constituencies in Osaka and Hyogo, where there are incumbent Komeito members, regarding the response to the next House of Representatives election.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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