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Political News(2022/11/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Government to revise law through reform of Science Council of Japan

2022-11-23 06:30:00
Regarding the Science Council of Japan, the government has entered into coordination to revise the law to review the organization, and has compiled an outline. In order to increase transparency, it includes the establishment of a third-party committee that provides opinions on organizational management and other matters.


Japan-China working-level talks agree on adjustments for the operation of the defense authorities hotline

2022-11-23 04:21:00
Working-level consultations between the governments of Japan and China on maritime issues will be held online, with the aim of promptly starting operation of a hotline for direct contact between defense authorities in order to prevent accidental clashes between the Self-Defense Forces and the Chinese military. We agreed to proceed with specific adjustments.


``Childcare support benefits for short-time workers and self-employed workers'' Government expert panel

2022-11-23 00:06:00
The government's panel of experts, which aims to realize social security for all generations, has put together a proposal to organize the issues that have been discussed so far. In order to strengthen child-rearing support, it includes the creation of a new system to provide benefits to those who choose to work shorter hours for child-rearing and self-employed people who do not have a child-care leave system.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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