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Political News(2022/11/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Japan-Korea parliamentarians exchange soccer for the first time in four years in Seoul

2022-11-26 21:52:00
A friendly soccer match between parliamentarians from Japan and South Korea was held in Seoul on the 26th for the first time in four years.


Representative Izumi Ritami stresses that the Prime Minister should make a quick decision to dismiss Akiba Reconstruction Minister

2022-11-26 17:42:00
Regarding Reconstruction Minister Akiba, who has been pointed out one after another, such as politics and money problems, Izumi, representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said, "Reconstruction administration is stagnating, and trust as a politician and minister is lost." Prime Minister Kishida stressed that the decision to replace should be made as soon as possible.


Ritsumin Secretary-General Okada Former Unification Church “Legislation Based on the Reality of Damage”

2022-11-26 13:49:00
Concerning the revision proposed by the government and the ruling party toward the establishment of a new law aimed at relieving the victims of the former Unification Church, the Secretary-General of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan Okada said that the regulation on the act of making donations by so-called mind control was insufficient. , said, "It is important to create a meaningful law based on the actual situation of damage."


House of Representatives Commission on the Constitution

2022-11-26 11:32:00
Regarding constitutional revision, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Japan Restoration Party have pointed out that ``debate is exhausted'' in the House of Representatives Commission on the Constitution regarding the extension of the term of office of Diet members in emergencies such as large-scale disasters. The focus is on whether the review committee will try to gather opinions.


Election campaign income and expenditure report 38 candidates for the House of Representatives did not submit by the deadline

2022-11-26 10:31:00
A total of 38 of the candidates who ran for the House of Representatives election last year and the House of Councilors election this year did not submit their income and expenditure reports for the election campaigns by the legally mandated deadline. rice field. Experts point out, ``There is a fact that it is neglected compared to the Political Funds Income and Expenditure Report, and we should change our perception.''


Government adjusts to change the period of "Mid-term Defense Buildup Plan" to 10 years

2022-11-26 10:25:00
The government decided to extend the period of the "mid-term defense" = "medium-term defense buildup plan," which stipulates the scale of defense spending over a period of 5 years, to 10 years, citing the need to work on a long-term plan to drastically strengthen defense capabilities. We are adjusting in the direction of changing to


Received government plan to expand NISA, ruling party tax research commission to move into full-scale study of system design

2022-11-26 05:21:00
In response to the government's plan to double the investment amount of NISA, a preferential tax system for individual investors, over the next five years, the ruling party's tax system research committee is designing the system, such as the upper limit of the annual investment quota. It is a policy to start full-scale consideration of


Victim Relief New Law Government ruling party's amendments Focus on the response of both Rimin and Ishin parties

2022-11-26 05:01:00
The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) argues that the revised bill proposed by the government and ruling parties will not lead to relief, while the Japan Restoration Party should discuss it positively. There is an opinion that the future response of both parties will be the focus.


Ruling party discussion on ``counterattack capability'' focuses on whether it is possible to counterattack even if attacked by other countries

2022-11-26 04:34:00
The ruling parties have begun discussions on the ``counterattack capability'' to hit enemy missile launch sites. It is expected that one of the focal points in future talks will be whether or not to allow the exercise of the "counterattack capability" as an exercise of the right of collective self-defense even in the case of an armed attack on an ally such as the United States, where Japan is not directly attacked.


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