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Political News(2022/12/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Komei Yamaguchi, President of South Korea, agreed on the importance of improving relations between Japan and South Korea

2022-12-29 20:58:00
During his visit to Seoul, South Korea, President Yamaguchi of the New Komeito held talks with President Yoon Sung-ryeol and agreed that it was important to improve Japan-South Korea relations in order to promote cooperation in the area of ​​security. .


Ritsumin and Meiji Restoration Plan to collaborate in next year's ordinary session of the Diet

2022-12-29 11:21:00
The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) and the Japan Restoration Party (CDP) are planning to cooperate in next year's ordinary session of the Diet following the previous extraordinary session of the Diet. We are planning to consider possible alternatives.


Ritsumin ``Maintenance of Diet functions in emergency situations is based on legal development'' party's idea proposal

2022-12-29 04:01:00
Regarding the ideal state of the Diet in an emergency, which is one of the themes of constitutional revision, the Constitutional Democratic Party does not deny consideration of the extension of the term of lawmakers, which the LDP and others advocate. We have compiled a proposal for the idea that it is basic to maintain the functions of the Diet, such as by improving the mechanism.


Prime Minister Kishida visits G7 countries in January and coordinates at summit meetings Policy to strengthen cooperation

2022-12-29 04:00:00
Based on the fact that Japan will chair the G7 = seven major countries next year, Prime Minister Kishida is proceeding with coordination to visit European and American member countries and hold summit meetings in January. We will convey our intention to take the lead in responding to global issues, including the situation in Ukraine, and plan to strengthen cooperation.


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