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Political News(2023/01/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Local migration support Additional money for children Policy to increase to 1 million yen per person Government

2023-01-08 19:23:00
In order to promote the relocation of child-rearing households to rural areas, the government will expand the support money system when moving from the metropolitan area to a municipality participating in the national relocation support project. The policy is to increase the amount from 300,000 yen to 1 million yen.


Ground Self-Defense Force "1st Airborne Brigade" Open training assuming recapture of remote islands British and Australian participate for the first time

2023-01-08 16:38:00
The ``1st Airborne Brigade'', the only parachute drop unit in the Self-Defense Forces, has released a training session that assumes the defense of a remote island, and the British and Australian forces also participated for the first time this year.


Prime Minister Kishida Dissolution General Election of the House of Representatives “At an Appropriate Time While Promoting Policies”

2023-01-08 12:52:00
In NHK's "Sunday Debate," Prime Minister Kishida announced that he would ask the public to make a decision at an appropriate time while promoting concrete policies such as energy policy, strengthening defense capabilities, and countermeasures against the declining birthrate regarding the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the general election. I have shown my understanding that


Sunday Debate Asking Parties on Financial Resources for Enhancing Countermeasures against Declining Birthrate

2023-01-08 11:57:00
Regarding the financial resources to enhance countermeasures against the declining birthrate, Prime Minister Kishida expressed his intention to discuss in detail, including the issue of benefits and burdens, at NHK's Sunday debate. He indicated that the financial resources should be covered by expenditure reforms and the issuance of government bonds.


Prime Minister Kishida visits G7 member countries, starts face-to-face diplomacy as chair country

2023-01-08 07:06:00
Prime Minister Kishida will visit five member countries out of the G7 = seven major countries and start face-to-face diplomacy as the chair country. He will convey to the leaders of each country his intention to take the lead in responding to global issues, including the situation in Ukraine, and will work to strengthen cooperation.


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