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Political News(2023/01/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Last year's extraordinary Diet question notification averaged before 8:00 pm the day before "overtime confirmed"

2023-01-21 15:30:00
As a result of investigating the time when the government received a notice of questioning in the committees of both houses of the Diet during the extraordinary session of the Diet last year, the ruling and opposition parties agreed "until noon two days before the question, excluding weekends and holidays." Only 19% of the total were notified.


Government considers inviting world leaders to Miyajima, world heritage island for G7 Hiroshima summit

2023-01-21 05:23:00
At the "G7 Hiroshima Summit" in May this year, the government is considering inviting leaders to Miyajima, where the World Heritage Site Itsukushima Shrine is located, to have a meal together and have discussions. It is expected that adjustments will be made with each country, including


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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