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Political News(2023/03/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Komei, Representative Yamaguchi, Interpretation of Broadcast Law “Political Fairness” “Government should explain”

2023-03-12 19:10:00
Regarding the interpretation of "political fairness" stipulated by the Broadcast Law, Komeito representative Yamaguchi pointed out that "explanations that clearly clear doubts are important," and called on the government to provide an exhaustive explanation.


Mr. Ritsumin Azumi Broadcasting Law “Political Fairness” “Government Opinion Ambiguous”

2023-03-12 15:31:00
Regarding the interpretation of "political fairness" stipulated by the Broadcasting Act, Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Azumi said that he would make judgments by looking at all of the broadcasting stations' programs, but that even a single program would ensure political fairness. He pointed out that the government's unified view that it may not be recognized as ``vague'' and indicated that it should be withdrawn.


``10 increase 10 decrease'' opposition from within the Liberal Democratic Party against Komei's policy of incumbent in the electoral district

2023-03-12 14:58:00
There is a backlash from within the Liberal Democratic Party to the Komeito's announcement of a policy to field four incumbents in the electoral districts subject to the ``10 increase and 10 decrease'' in the House of Representatives election. The Liberal Democratic Party executives will consider the response, taking into consideration the impact on election cooperation.


12 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake “Meticulously respond to new issues” Reconstruction Minister Watanabe

2023-03-12 11:57:00
On the 11th, it will be 12 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the accident at the Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, and Reconstruction Minister Watanabe said in NHK's "Sunday Discussion" that new challenges for reconstruction are emerging and diversifying. I emphasized the idea of ​​responding in detail.


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