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Political News(2023/03/27)

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House of Councilors Budget Committee Broadcast Law Political fairness

2023-03-27 20:38:00
Regarding the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' administrative document concerning the interpretation of "political fairness" stipulated in the Broadcasting Law, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan stated that the interpretation of the law should not be distorted by pressure. He indicated that he will continue to work appropriately so as not to arouse public suspicion. An intensive deliberation was held at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on the 27th.


Japan-Korea Parliamentarians' League Former Prime Minister Kan appointed as new chairman

2023-03-27 18:21:00
While Japan-Korea relations are moving toward improvement, former Prime Minister Suga of the Liberal Democratic Party has been appointed as the new chairman of the Japan-Korea Parliamentarians' League, which is made up of bipartisan parliamentarians. I was.


House of Councilors Budget Committee to vote on new fiscal year budget tomorrow

2023-03-27 18:19:00
The House of Councilors Budget Committee officially decided to vote on the new fiscal year's budget on the 28th at the board meeting on the evening of the 27th. The budget bill will also be voted on at the plenary session of the House of Councilors on the 28th, and it is expected to be passed and enacted with a majority of support from both the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party.


Proposal of ``3-day work week'' for national civil servants National Personnel Authority study group

2023-03-27 16:36:00
In order to eliminate the long working hours of national civil servants, a research group of the National Personnel Authority recommends that all employees who wish to take the "3-day work week", which is limited to employees who are raising children, should be able to take it. We are asking the government for further operational reforms and the Diet for their understanding and cooperation.


Funeral of former House of Councilors Speaker Ogi Chikage

2023-03-27 15:03:00
The funeral of Mr. Chikage Ougi, who died on the 9th of this month, was held in Tokyo on the afternoon of the 27th, and many attendees mourned his death.


New fiscal year budget bill to be voted on tomorrow

2023-03-27 14:59:00
Regarding the new fiscal year's budget bill, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Constitutional Democratic Party's chairman of the House of Councilors Diet Affairs Committee agreed in principle to vote at the Budget Committee and the plenary session on the 28th, and it was passed and established on the 28th with a majority of the ruling parties. I got a perspective.


Prime Minister Kishida's party held this month "Do not conflict with the minister's norms"

2023-03-27 14:17:00
Prime Minister Kishida said at the meeting of his supporters' association held in Hiroshima this month that it does not conflict with the minister's norms that he refrains from holding large-scale political fund parties.


The House of Councilors Budget Committee, which deliberates on the budget for the new fiscal year, will start about 5 minutes late.

2023-03-27 13:45:00
In the Diet, an intensive deliberation was scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. at the Budget Committee of the House of Councilors with Prime Minister Kishida and relevant ministers attending.


Prime Minister ``Strongly urges China to respond responsibly'' document calling for ceasefire

2023-03-27 12:49:00
Prime Minister Kishida said that the document calling for dialogue and a ceasefire announced by China last month regarding the situation in Ukraine was inappropriate if the Ukrainian side did not withdraw all Russian troops. I indicated my intention to seek a response.


Russia's deployment of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno condemns

2023-03-27 12:34:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno criticized President Putin's announcement that he would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus as further escalating the situation, and urged both countries to stop any actions that would heighten tensions. showed an idea.


Former lawmaker Gersey was expelled and elected.

2023-03-27 12:03:00
Kenichiro Saito, a member of the Women's 48th Party, who was elected as a member of the House of Councilors after former House of Councilors member Gersey was expelled and lost his qualification as a member, appeared in the Diet for the first time on the 27th.


Japanese detained in China Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno "strongly demand early release"

2023-03-27 11:55:00
Regarding the detention of a Japanese man in his 50s who works for a major pharmaceutical company for violating the law in China, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said the government strongly urged the Chinese side to release him as soon as possible and requested that he be held a meeting. I explained that I was doing all I could to help.


Former House of Councilors Speaker Chikage Ougi visits the Diet Building

2023-03-27 11:26:00
A car carrying the remains of Chikage Ougi, who died on the 9th of this month and was the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House of Councilors, visited the National Diet Building, which had been the stage for political activities for many years, and many members regretted farewell.


New fiscal year = 2023 budget proposal to coordinate ruling and opposition parties for vote in the House of Councilors

2023-03-27 07:34:00
The new fiscal year's budget bill, which is currently being deliberated in the House of Councillors, will be automatically enacted according to the provisions of the Constitution unless a vote is taken by the 29th. The ruling party wants to vote on the 28th, and it is expected that adjustments will be made with the opposition party.


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