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Political News(2023/05/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Komeito Unified local elections Reassess strategy for next House of Representatives election

2023-05-06 21:27:00
In the unified local elections last month, 12 members, the largest number in history, were defeated by the New Komeito party. I am going to proceed.


Prime Minister Kishida will visit South Korea for the first time since taking office tomorrow for summit meeting with President Yun

2023-05-06 16:44:00
On the 7th, Prime Minister Kishida will visit South Korea for the first time since taking office, and will hold a summit meeting with President Yoon Sung-yeol. It will be the first time in 12 years that a Japanese prime minister will visit South Korea for a bilateral summit meeting, and I hope to accelerate the trend of improvement in Japan-South Korea relations.


Foreign Minister Hayashi visits Paraguay agrees to work together to strengthen international order with China in mind

2023-05-06 12:37:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi visited Paraguay, the only country in South America that has diplomatic ties with Taiwan. They agreed to work together to strengthen the international order based on


Foreign Minister Hayashi announces drone attack on Kremlin, pays attention to impact on Ukraine situation

2023-05-06 11:05:00
In response to the Russian presidential office's announcement that a Ukrainian drone had launched an attack on the Kremlin, Minister for Foreign Affairs Hayashi expressed his intention to pay close attention to the impact on the future situation in Ukraine with a high degree of interest. .


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