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Political News(2023/05/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Government to double R&D subsidies for start-ups

2023-05-27 20:11:00
In order to realize a virtuous cycle of the economy, the government plans to double subsidies for research and development of start-up companies in order to create innovative businesses.


“Dissolution of election cooperation in Tokyo”

2023-05-27 20:04:00
There was a strong backlash within the LDP against the Komeito's policy of dissolving election cooperation with the LDP in Tokyo in the candidate coordination of the LDP and Komeito for the next House of Representatives election. There are also voices concerned about the impact on the coalition government for years. What will happen to the relationship between the two parties? On the 27th, there was a series of statements.


Families of abductees gather Prime Minister "I want to start discussing the realization of a summit meeting"

2023-05-27 19:17:00
Families of victims who were abducted by North Korea hold large-scale gatherings in Tokyo, and as families continue to age as they wait for their relatives to return to Japan, the generation of their parents who are still alive, saying, "I don't have much time left." I called for the government's efforts and North Korea's determination to realize the return of all victims to Japan. Prime Minister Kishida, who attended the rally, expressed his desire to start high-level consultations under his direct control in order to realize a Japan-North Korea summit meeting as soon as possible, with the aim of returning all victims to their home countries as soon as possible.


Ministers in charge of trade between Japan and China meet for the first time in about three and a half years

2023-05-27 07:17:00
西村経済産業大臣と中国の王文涛 商務相がアメリカで会談しました。日中の貿易担当の閣僚が会談するのはおよそ3年半ぶりで、会談のあと、西村大臣は「課題や懸案があるからこそ、率直な対話を重ねることが重要だという認識を共有した」と述べました。


Liberal Democratic Party Deputy President Aso and Former Secretary-General Nikai hold talks and exchange opinions on the timing of dissolution

2023-05-27 00:16:00
Liberal Democratic Party Vice President Aso and former secretary-general Nikai held a meeting in Tokyo on the night of the 26th, and exchanged opinions on the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the timing of the general election, and the relationship with Komeito, which is facing difficulties in adjusting electoral districts. .


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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