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Political News(2024/07/01)

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Former LDP Prime Minister Suga and former Secretary-General Ishiba dine together to exchange views on LDP presidential election

2024-07-01 22:33:00
On the evening of the 1st, former Prime Minister Suga of the Liberal Democratic Party and former Secretary-General Ishiba had dinner in Tokyo. They are believed to have exchanged opinions on how to respond to the party's presidential election to be held by September.


National tax revenue reaches 72 trillion yen in fiscal 2023, a record high for the fourth consecutive year

2024-07-01 21:00:00
Last year, the national tax revenue for fiscal year 2023 was in the 72 trillion yen range, exceeding 70 trillion yen for the second consecutive year, setting a new record high. It is believed that corporate tax revenue increased due to favorable corporate performance.


Japan Coast Guard's new Commissioner Yoshio Seguchi holds press conference: "Securing human resources and improving the work environment"

2024-07-01 20:03:00
Yoshio Seguchi, the new Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard, held a press conference and stated his intention to focus on addressing the current issues of securing human resources and improving the work environment.


To expand Employees' Pension Insurance coverage to part-time workers, "Company size requirement should be abolished"

2024-07-01 18:24:00
In an effort to expand coverage of the Employees' Pension Insurance to part-time and other short-term workers, a Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare council has compiled recommendations calling for the abolition of the current requirements that limit coverage based on the size of the company one works for.


Prime Minister Kishida to implement "Reconstruction Support Discount" to subsidize 70% of accommodation fees in Noto region

2024-07-01 15:19:00
In response to the Noto Peninsula earthquake, Prime Minister Kishida announced his intention to implement a "Reconstruction Support Discount" to subsidize 70% of accommodation fees for tourists in the Noto region as a new form of support for the recovery of tourism. The plan is to start as soon as it becomes possible to accept tourists in the area.


Chief Cabinet Secretary: "Suspend loading operations and strive to prevent recurrence" following fatal dump truck accident

2024-07-01 14:13:00
Following the accident in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, in which a security guard and a female protester were caught in a dump truck carrying soil to be used in the relocation of the U.S. military's Futenma Air Base to the port, resulting in deaths and injuries, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi explained that the transportation work has been halted and expressed his intention to grasp the details of the situation and make efforts to prevent a recurrence.


Last year's income disclosure of Diet members: Average 25.3 million yen, highest was 746.79 million yen

2024-07-01 10:00:00
The income of members of the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors for the past year has been made public, and the average per member was 25.3 million yen, the first increase since 2018.


Prime Minister Kishida's Activities June 28-30, 2024

2024-07-01 08:35:00
Prime Minister Kishida's Activities June 30, 2024 14:42 Departure from the official residence 14:50 Arrive at Zojoji Temple in Shiba Park, Tokyo. Memorial service for the third anniversary of the death of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 15:58 Departure from the same location 16:00 Arrive at Tokyo Prince Hotel in Shiba Park, Tokyo. Attend and give a speech at a dinner in memory of former Prime Minister Abe at the banquet hall "Sunflower Hall" 17:23 Departure from the same location 17:29 Arrive at the official residence


Ishikawa's Wakura Onsen embankment restoration work to be led by national government to support reconstruction

2024-07-01 04:19:00
Prime Minister Kishida will visit the disaster-stricken area on July 1, six months after the Noto Peninsula earthquake. He will inspect Wakura Onsen, a tourist spot where most of the accommodation facilities have been forced to close due to damage caused by the earthquake, and convey the government's intention to take the lead in the restoration work on the seawalls necessary for reconstruction.


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