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Political News(2024/07/06)

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Former LDP Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kobayashi gives speech in Fukuoka City, does not directly mention the presidential election

2024-07-06 20:15:00
Former Minister of Economic Security Kobayashi, who is being supported as a candidate for the LDP presidential election by mid-ranking and younger lawmakers, gave a speech. Although he did not directly mention the presidential election, he expressed his intention to work to make Japan a leading global nation.


Prime Minister Kishida speaks by phone with new UK Prime Minister Starmer, confirming close cooperation

2024-07-06 19:51:00
Prime Minister Kishida held a telephone conversation with the newly appointed British Prime Minister, Starmer, and the two leaders agreed to advance cooperation in the field of security and to work together to address various international challenges, including the situation in Ukraine.


Foreign Minister Kamikawa announces policy package to support mine action in Ukraine and other countries

2024-07-06 19:24:00
During his visit to Cambodia, Foreign Minister Kamikawa announced a policy package to support mine action in Ukraine and other countries. With Cambodia's cooperation, comprehensive support will be implemented, including the provision of a system that uses AI to predict the locations of buried mines.


Tokyo gubernatorial election [List of 56 candidates] Candidates' appeals on the final day of the election campaign

2024-07-06 19:03:00
The Tokyo gubernatorial election, in which a record 56 candidates are running, has been a hot topic, with issues such as Governor Koike's administration and measures to combat the declining birthrate at stake. The final day of the election campaign is July 6, with voting taking place on July 7. The candidates for the Tokyo gubernatorial election, listed in order of filing, are as follows:


LDP Secretary-General Moriyama: "We need to use the election to restore public trust"

2024-07-06 16:56:00
Regarding the LDP presidential election, General Affairs Chairman Moriyama expressed his recognition that, with a mountain of issues such as the economy and security piling up, it is necessary to restore public trust through policy debates in the election.


Foreign Minister Kamikawa meets with Cambodian Prime Minister, confirms cooperation in a wide range of areas

2024-07-06 14:55:00
During his visit to Cambodia, Foreign Minister Kamikawa met with Prime Minister Hun Manet and confirmed that the two countries will cooperate in a wide range of areas, including water supply and sewerage, digital technology, and security, and will deepen their strategic partnership.


177 "career bureaucrats" to retire within 10 years in fiscal 2022, the highest number ever

2024-07-06 08:49:00
The number of national civil servants who retired within 10 years of being hired as so-called "career bureaucrats" reached 177 in fiscal 2022, the highest since the current hiring system began. This marks the second consecutive year that the number has reached a record high, and the National Personnel Authority is planning to improve working conditions in order to secure human resources.


Government begins sharing information with prefectures about sexual assaults by U.S. soldiers, aiming to build trust

2024-07-06 06:27:00
Regarding cases of sexual violence committed by U.S. soldiers in Okinawa, the government has begun to convey as much information as possible to the prefecture, even if the investigative authorities do not make it public. By sharing information carefully, the government hopes to build trust with the local community.


National government officials continue to work overtime, finishing preparations for Diet responses on average before 1 a.m.

2024-07-06 05:22:00
During this year's regular Diet session, on average, government offices finished preparing responses to questions notified in advance by lawmakers just before 1 a.m. on the day of the session. Although this is about an hour earlier than last year's regular Diet session, it shows that public servants are continuing to work overtime.


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