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Social News(2013/06/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

The investigation in Tochigi corpse murder of women on the street

2013-06-01 23:00:00
And that you found early in the morning on the 1st, on the streets of Tochigi Prefecture Moka, female 70-year-old who lives nearby is of have died, there was a mark, such as being beaten on the forehead of the woman, it was bleeding in the body and from that, the police are investigating as a murder.


The investigation Fukuoka bodies incident of two people to burn

2013-06-01 20:52:00
The early morning of the 1st, in Fukuoka Prefecture Chikujo town, houses couple of 60-something living in two people were burned to the ground, and the bodies of women seen with his wife from the ruins, the bodies of another man not her husband was found. Etc. that you have become a serious condition, it had been said, "was attacked by a man", police are investigating as attempted murder incident husband was rescued.


Do not feed the Shiretoko brown bear

2013-06-01 20:21:00
Together Shiretoko crossing road in Hokkaido was opened on the 1st, tourist season of summer in full swing, the local campaign calling for the tourists so as not to feed the brown bear has begun. On the other hand, in the morning the 1st, such as plastic bottles of drink containers and lunch boxes scattered on the road side of the Shiretoko is found, such as tourism organizations, has called for such acts that can lead to beckon for brown bear and please do not absolutely .


Symposium to explore the realities of Siberian internment

2013-06-01 18:14:00
Immediately after the war, former Japanese soldiers from the approximately 60 million people are constrained by the former Soviet Union, the 1st, the symposium aims to actual elucidation of the so-called Siberian internment such as by severe cold, 60,000 people approximately deceased, was held in Tokyo were.


The Chinese ship sailing the four vessels connecting waters

2013-06-01 17:23:00
In offshore of the Senkaku Islands of Okinawa Prefecture, four vessels together in one vessel fisheries patrol boat and three ships maritime surveillance vessels of China have continued to sail in connection waters just outside the territorial waters of Japan, Coast Guard Headquarters, territorial waters We continue to monitor and warning to keep away from.


Death mother arrested Gunma is not given enough food

2013-06-01 17:04:00
And found in February this year, in the apartment of Gunma Oizumi, it is of have died in a state in which the girl of 3-year-old emaciated, mother of 37-year-old Filipino, police 10 days without giving a full meal was arrested on suspicion of protecting the person responsible abandonment lethal as it was killed out of town near the house.


The appeal Mito Mellon Japan

2013-06-01 16:55:00
Events production volumes to PR melons Zenkokuichi in specialty of Ibaraki Prefecture, began in JR Mito Station.


High school students arrested for attempted fraud auditors receive remittance

2013-06-01 15:37:00
And as an attempt to Damashitoro the 2 million yen in cash from a woman of 76 years of Saitama as interest role of cash of fraud high school boy of 17-year-old Tokyo remittance, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted fraud. High school students is that it has denied the charges as "I just came to pick up what was asked."


Tozai Line resume operation

2013-06-01 14:37:00
Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, has been postponed driving under the influence of signal trouble that occurred in Kasai station, but 20 minutes past 2:00 pm on the 1st, I have resumed operations in the whole line.


Operation suspended in whole line Tozai Line

2013-06-01 14:15:00
Under the influence of signal trouble that occurred in Kasai Station, Tozai Line of Tokyo Metro has suspended the operation in the whole line from 50 minutes around 1:00 pm the 1st.


Flight resumption of scheduled flights in 787 parts of the country

2013-06-01 12:20:00
About 787 Boeing trouble were numerous, the 1st, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, has resumed a month and a half the first time in 4 or the operations of scheduled flights. In Haneda Airport, morning, flights took off airports around the country, such as Yamaguchi Ube and Akita, arrived one after another from 11 o'clock am.


Some relaxation of the drinking in U.S. troops on Okinawa off-base

2013-06-01 12:11:00
Measures to ban drinking outside the base that has been continuously to the target soldiers in Okinawa in response to a spate of incidents by American soldiers, October 31, mitigate some, the United States military, drinking conditionally You issued a command to admit.


China three ships monitoring vessels to connect waters

2013-06-01 11:30:00
In offshore of the Senkaku Islands of Okinawa Prefecture, three ships maritime surveillance vessels of China have continued to sail in connection waters just outside the territorial waters of Japan, we continue to monitor and warn Coast Guard Headquarters does not approach the territorial waters .


Man arrested nearby on suspicion of stabbing courier deliveryman

2013-06-01 10:39:00
In the incident, which suffered a serious injury Men 31 night last month, had to deliver the luggage delivery in Yokohama Konan-ku, is stabbed with a knife, police arrested island suspicion of attempted murder a man of 63-year-old living in the immediate vicinity of the site were. Man is that it has denied the charges.


A Call to Super Cool Biz women

2013-06-01 04:14:00
Call diatomaceous further than the "Cool Biz", "Super Cool Biz" is fit to begin from the 1st, Ministry of the Environment, has been introduced in home points of the make and fashion for women spend a comfortable summer.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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