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Social News(2013/07/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

The part Unkyu also the 22nd Yamagata Shinkansen

2013-07-21 20:33:00
For equipment to control the traffic signal in Yamagata city on the night of 20 fails, the 21st, JR Yamagata Shinkansen was Unkyu between Metropolitan Yamagata Shinjo, Yamagata Prefecture. Be Unkyu between Metropolitan Yamagata Shinjo also the 22nd and determined, the outlook for recovery does not stand.


Men died of the jetski

2013-07-21 19:44:00
Morning the 21st, I died man of 47-year-old water motorcycle overturned off the coast of Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, was riding is drowning.


4 people killed five people in critical condition in an accident nationwide water

2013-07-21 19:02:00
At 21 days and became the first Sunday after entering the summer vacation, accident of water after another in various places, NHK is summarized in 5 pm, five people has become a critical condition of the unconscious 4 people died.


Northeast heat wave a heavy rain warning in western Japan

2013-07-21 18:19:00
I became hot as hell around the West is the 21st. While the heat continues in many places also the 22nd, there is a risk of heavy rain locally descended between 22 to 23, rainfall increases in the Northeast.


Cardiopulmonary arrest drowning man who helped grandson Oita River

2013-07-21 16:47:00
Before noon on the 21st, in the river in Oita, the figure of 67 year old man that helped to jump into the river a grandson that was almost drowned disappeared and was later taken to the hospital by the fire, but that's the state of cardiopulmonary arrest thing.


Seriously ill man in Chiba is the river drowning

2013-07-21 16:24:00
Morning the 21st, a 26-year-old man who was wading in the river in Chiba Prefecture, Otaki-cho drowning, it has become a critical condition of the unconscious.


It called heat stroke prevention by postcard

2013-07-21 16:16:00
Events amid ferocious heat continues across the country, and that'll let you call attention to out to someone close to the postcard of summer greeting for the prevention of heat stroke was written, was held in Shibuya, Tokyo .


Hyogo Tajima Airport small aircraft overrun

2013-07-21 15:04:00
Afternoon on the 21st, at the airport of Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, and slipped on the slopes of airports propeller aircraft of small made an emergency landing because of engine trouble to overrun the runway, and depends on the fire, three men injured I was taken to the hospital.


Tokyo without incident resistance slashed junior high school students

2013-07-21 14:21:00
It was found that 19, there is a report middle school girls has been slashed with a knife to the man on the streets of Tokyo, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department had been investigating, but it was not in the incident.


Fatal hit-and-run accident college students arrested

2013-07-21 12:35:00
in the incident, which the 20th, died a 63-year-old man is hit-and-run in the car in Tokyo Akiruno, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a male 18-year-old college student living in the city.


Rockfall photographer died in Toyama 剱岳

2013-07-21 11:26:00
20 day and night, in the Northern Alps-剱岳 of Toyama Prefecture, and slipped to 5 meters under a mountain photographer in Tokyo received a direct hit of falling rocks, death has been confirmed early in the morning on the 21st.


JR Utsunomiya Line resume operation

2013-07-21 07:29:00
Under the influence of the personal injury that occurred before six am, JR Utsunomiya Line has been postponed operation in the vertical line between the Koganei Tokyo Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, but I've resumed operation in 7:06.


JR Utsunomiya Line part suspended operation

2013-07-21 06:41:00
Under the influence of the personal injury that occurred before six am, JR Utsunomiya Line has suspended the operation in the vertical line between the Metropolitan Koganei Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture.


To about 100 raids election violation of upper house election

2013-07-21 05:21:00
In the Upper House election, police across the country, is a policy from the vote after the end of the 21 day and night, embark on raids for the election fraud of approximately 100 acquisitions.


All day Unkyu Yamagata Shinkansen some sections

2013-07-21 04:24:00
20 day and night, JR Yamagata Shinkansen, now that the impact of equipment to control the traffic signal in Yamagata city fails, the 21st, and all day Unkyu between Yamagata Shinjo Metropolitan Yamagata Prefecture.


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