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Social News(2014/02/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

No Cabinet Office staff leave record of death

2014-02-01 22:08:00
male staff of the 30-year-old Cabinet Office raft last month, it was drifting off the coast of Kitakyushu is capsized, was no longer know the whereabouts while arrived in South Korea in the vicinity was found in the body. And that it does not record the staff were to leave from Korea scar conspicuous body, nor, we are investigating circumstances Coast Guard Headquarters before it is discovered.


The 100th meeting of the derailment accident victims

2014-02-01 21:06:00
After the derailment of JR Fukuchiyama which 107 people were killed, one day, gathering that has committed support victims talks and worries celebrated the 100th, participants look back on the history of the past, the thought of each told.


Bus riding high school collision Aomori

2014-02-01 19:09:00
When depends on the contact that entered the Hirosaki Fire Department of Aomori Prefecture, 6 o'clock pm one day, buses and trucks such as a dozen high school students rode in the national highway Route 7 in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture Kanda crashed.


Haijimasen resumption of operation and Seibu Shinjuku Line

2014-02-01 18:28:00
Seibu Shinjuku Line Seibu Haijimasen and had suspended the operation from 5:30 pm around under the influence of the injury, but 18:09, I have resumed operations in the whole line.


Continued Kikikomi published a new photo of unknown girls

2014-02-01 18:19:00
The 5th stood whereabouts of the girl of the third grade is no longer know in Sapporo City, along with the call for the provision of information by publishing a new face photo, police last seen introduced also investigators of police stations around the country I did and Kikikomi around the neighborhood was.


Capsized boat bodies Cabinet Office staff was immigration to South Korea

2014-02-01 18:00:00
inflatable boats last month, it was drifting off the coast of Kitakyushu is overturned, men found in the body in the vicinity, it has been identified as 30-year-old staff of the Cabinet Office by Coast Guard Headquarters. By After you have arrived in South Korea to attend the international conference, this staff that was no longer know the news, we examine the causes of death, such as.


Policy of cost added to accelerate reconstruction projects

2014-02-01 15:34:00
Meeting of local national and local governments towards the acceleration of the reconstruction projects of the Great East Japan Earthquake was held in Sendai, if the cost of long-term of the reconstruction business he added in the affected three provinces, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the policy to add the cost has revealed.


Have you carried in the rental car and killed in Yokohama

2014-02-01 12:17:00
In cases 31, the bodies of the men is found from the track, which had stopped in the parking lot of Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture, two of his wife and son were arrested, the police, after which two people were killed the men in the apartment in Yokohama at, seeing that it was carrying a dead body with the help of car rental truck, the 1st morning, transferred to police station in Yokohama custody of two people, we examine the detailed prehistory.


JR Itsukaichi operation postponed

2014-02-01 09:41:00
Under the influence of the personal injury that occurred between Musashimasuko and Musashi Hikita of Tokyo Akiruno, JR Itsukaichi has suspended the operation in the whole line from 15 at around 9:00 am.


Tobu Railway resume operation

2014-02-01 08:00:00
Tobu Railway has been postponed operation in the vertical line between the south and Kurihashi Tobudobutsukoen of Nikko Line and between the Metropolitan Kitakoshigaya Kuki of Sky tree line Isesaki under the influence of the injury, but in 7:35 Both has resumed operation.


Operation suspended at Tobu part

2014-02-01 07:25:00
Under the influence of the personal injury that occurred in Ichinowari Station in Saitama Prefecture Kasukabe around 6:30 am, Tobu up and down between the south and between the Kurihashi Kitakoshigaya Metropolitan Kuki of Sky tree line Isesaki, and Tobudobutsukoen of Nikko Line I am suspended operation in both lines.


Have you carried the bodies to track borrowed car rental

2014-02-01 06:57:00
The 31st, in the incident that bodies of men is found from the track, which had stopped in the parking lot of Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture, 2 men and women found the family of the man was arrested, did on killing the men, two tracks car rental The police, we have decided to examine the detailed prehistory seeing that it transported the bodies from the apartment in Yokohama with the help.


3800 of more than most of the reporting of phishing

2014-02-01 04:51:00
Reporting of cybercrime and phishing to use the home page of fake posing as financial institutions, swindle such as passwords, understand and 3800 of more than most, is that you have more than 5 times so far as a report for the year last year directly below.


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