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Social News(2022/01/10)

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Fukushima Prefecture Omicron strain causes 2 clusters First in the prefecture

2022-01-10 19:57:00
In Fukushima Prefecture, two clusters due to a dinner accompanied by drinking were confirmed on the 10th, and one person who participated in both was confirmed to be infected with the Omicron strain, so the first cluster by the Omicron strain in the prefecture was confirmed. Announced that it has occurred.


To reduce the adult age to 18 years old Adult ceremony What will happen next year and beyond ...?

2022-01-10 18:44:00
10th is Coming-of-Age Day. The age of adulthood will be reduced to 18 this spring, but NHK's interview revealed that many local governments will continue to hold seijin-shiki for 20-year-olds from next year onwards.


Hokkaido / Tohoku Sea of ​​Japan side-Hokuriku Expected blizzard from the night of the 11th

2022-01-10 18:34:00
Due to the rapid development of low pressure, it is expected that there will be a blizzard from the Sea of ​​Japan side of Hokkaido and Tohoku to Hokuriku after the night of the 11th. The Japan Meteorological Agency is calling for caution against the effects of blizzards and heavy snowfall on traffic.


Shibuya Yakiniku restaurant Tatekomori suspect "I can't find the meaning of life"

2022-01-10 18:18:00
A 28-year-old suspect who was arrested in a barbecue restaurant in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, said, "I came to Tokyo from Nagasaki two weeks ago and lived on the street. I thought that I should wake up and be caught by the police. " The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details.


U.S. military personnel in Japan restrictions on going out begin

2022-01-10 17:57:00
As the infection continues to spread within US military bases, the Japanese and US governments have begun restricting unnecessary and unurgent outings of all US military personnel in Japan, including Okinawa, from the 10th. Soldiers were not seen in the downtown area around the base in Okinawa, where large-scale clusters are occurring, but restaurants said that they wanted to take measures sooner.


Suspicion of confining a two-month-old son in a freezer Arrested father Osaka

2022-01-10 16:24:00
The father of an office worker in Osaka was arrested on suspicion of assault for confining his two-month-old son in a freezer. The son is temporarily protected by a child guidance center, and the father has denied the charges.


"Prevention of spread" Okinawa The last day of consecutive holidays A long line at the Naha Airport PCR inspection site

2022-01-10 11:53:00
On the 10th of the last day of the three consecutive holidays, people who spent their vacation in Okinawa were seen to check in at Naha Airport in Okinawa Prefecture, but the appearance of people is sparser than the usual consecutive holidays. On the other hand, at the PCR inspection site inside the airport, there was a long line of people heading out of the prefecture after conducting inspections.


New adults dressed in sunny clothes at Shurijo Castle in Okinawa Commemorative photo taken at the postponement of the ceremony

2022-01-10 04:21:00
In Okinawa Prefecture, 10 municipalities have postponed or canceled the seijin-shiki ceremony scheduled for the 9th. Under these circumstances, new adults whose ceremony was postponed visited Shuri Castle in Naha City in sunny clothes and took a commemorative photo.


Male stabbed death Arrested a girl who seems to be a dating partner Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

2022-01-10 04:15:00
On the 9th, a 19-year-old girl who seems to be a companion was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder while trying to stab a 25-year-old man living in a room in an apartment in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo with a knife. The man subsequently died, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details.


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