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Social News(2022/11/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Indonesia Java earthquake kills 271 people, 37% are children

2022-11-23 20:26:00
A total of 271 people have been confirmed dead so far in the quake that struck west Java, Indonesia on the 21st. 72 hours have passed since the outbreak, where the survival rate is said to drop sharply, and rescue efforts are continuing.


Lecture by 19-year-old female refugee from Ukraine

2022-11-23 18:27:00
A 19-year-old woman, who was evacuated from Ukraine to Edogawa Ward in Tokyo after the Russian military invasion, gave a lecture in the ward, talking about her experiences before coming to Japan and her thoughts on peace.


Indonesia Java earthquake confirms 268 deaths, desperate rescue efforts continue

2022-11-23 18:26:00
A total of 268 people have been confirmed dead so far in the quake that struck west Java, Indonesia on the 21st. 72 hours have passed since the outbreak, where the survival rate is said to drop sharply, and desperate rescue operations are continuing.


Growing interest among “re-skilling” companies aiming to acquire new skills

2022-11-23 18:10:00
“Reskilling” is the acquisition of the necessary skills to take on a new job or move to another department within the company where growth is expected. With the government's policy to strongly promote it, interest in it is increasing, with seminars being held all over the country.


Miyagi Kesennuma Poultry farm detects bird flu Disposal of more than 20,000 birds begins

2022-11-23 13:51:00
A suspected highly pathogenic avian influenza virus was detected in dead chickens at a poultry farm in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, and Miyagi Prefecture began to dispose of more than 20,000 chickens raised at this poultry farm.


More than 20 loggerhead turtles caught in the net in one month in Hokkaido What the hell is going on?

2022-11-23 11:43:00
When I heard of loggerhead turtles, I imagined them swimming in the blue sea of ​​a tropical country, but in October I heard that a loggerhead turtle was caught in a fishing net off the coast of Hokkaido. And not just one. It is said that more than 20 were caught in the net during about a month from mid-September. What the hell is going on? In order to see it with my own eyes, I asked Mr. Kazuya Hashimoto, a fisherman in Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido, who gave me the information, to accompany me on a fishing trip in mid-October. (Sapporo Broadcasting Station cameraman Yu Okuda)* The video is 4 minutes and 24 seconds. Data broadcasting is not available.


Mr. Tetsuya Komuro Behind the hit song that "three Tetsuya Komuro" were discussing

2022-11-23 07:30:00
Musician Tetsuya Komuro. He has produced many hit songs that anyone can sing, and it is said that in his head, "Tetsuya-kun, Komuro-san, and Tecchan", who wrote, composed, and arranged the lyrics, composed, and arranged, "three Tetsuya Komuro" were discussing. . Mr. Komuro has taken on new challenges such as being appointed as a visiting senior researcher at RIKEN this year and working on music production using AI. How do you look at the music of today, and what kind of music are you trying to deliver in the future? (Interviewer: Announcer Tomomi Hirose, Interviewer: Announcer Koji Komatsu)


Job hunting test “impersonation” Is it a group acting for about 4 years ago?

2022-11-23 05:29:00
In a case in which an employee of Kansai Electric Power was arrested for pretending to be a student who was looking for a job and taking a ``substitute exam'' for a company's online exam, the employee formed a group with his friends about four years ago and asked for a substitute. Interviews with investigative officials revealed that there was suspicion that he had been received. From this year, he left the group and started to undertake alone, and he said to the investigation, ``I thought it would be better if I became independent because the student would pay less.''


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