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In Paris agreement the EU ratification of the policy decision to enter into force in November

2016-09-30 21:49:00
Tour of the "Paris agreement" of the international framework to promote measures against global warming, EU = decided a policy of the European Union to ratify, already with the Member States, which finished the domestic procedure, will be to conclude an agreement next week year. On the other hand, from the fact that shows the policy to ratify also nearby India, Paris agreement're requirements for the entry into force next week, it became the prospect to enter into force in early November.


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The responsibility of the prime minister Olympics cost uniquely capital and the JOC

2016-09-30 21:27:00
Abe Prime Minister, in the House of Representatives Budget Committee, the research team of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, held the cost of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic is in connection with a summary of the estimates was more than 3 trillion yen, the unique, the city and JOC = while that it is the responsibility of the Japanese Olympic Committee, showed the idea to convey the government's intention, if necessary.


Advance municipality zero financial improvement of financial collapse concern

2016-09-30 19:23:00
And depends on the financial situation based on the financial results of the last fiscal year of local governments across the country (2015), the municipality with a concern of financial collapse addition becomes zero, the total amount of municipal bonds of the balance corresponding to debt of local government, compared to the previous year such as to decrease near 500 billion yen, we are progressing improvement of finances.


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