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Askul not stand warehouse fire again explosion fire fighting difficulties extinguished prospect

2017-02-20 19:00:00
Fire that occurred in the logistics warehouse in Saitama Prefecture, Miyoshi-cho, of the office supplies mail order giant "ASKUL" was four days is up from the fire. Although from the 20 days we are fire fighting firefighters contained within the warehouse, after a small explosion has occurred again in the afternoon, for burning a large amount of products such as copy supplies that are stored, where smoldering fire and it becomes difficult to know whether, fire fighting has been bogged down.


Economic news

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Legislation instructs the prime minister symbiosis society

2017-02-20 21:40:00
Abe Prime Minister, to the opportunity of Tokyo Paralympics after three years, and want to achieve a symbiotic society in which all people can support each other, legislation towards the implementation of the incorporating such as the revision of the maintenance standard of public transport action plan we instruct the relevant ministers to work on, such as.


New Komeito north deputy representative constitutional amendment is essential agreement with the Democratic Progressive Party

2017-02-20 20:49:00
North deputy representative to serve the Constitution investigation chairman of the New Komeito to lecture in Osaka city, for the constitutional amendment, said, "Democratic Progressive Party is not possible to proceed with amendments to remove the" opposition the first party of the Democratic Progressive Party and of the agreement formation showed repeatedly the recognition that it is essential.


Social News

Tokyu Denentoshi operation suspended

2017-02-20 21:29:00
Denentoshi Tokyu, 9:00 14 minutes around the afternoon, under the influence of the injury that occurred in Azamino Station, both up and down lines in the whole line between Shibuya Station and Chuorinkan has suspended the operation.


Bereaved family and the country is the settlement of leprosy based on patients who did not enter the facility

2017-02-20 20:56:00
Facility to the original three patients of the members of the bereaved family who had been recuperating without entering of Hansen's disease, in a trial that sought compensation to the country, the settlement at the Tokyo District Court was enacted to up to 20 days. Bereaved family of lawyers who did not enter the facility, it has pointed out that not receiving enough compensation compared to those who had been admitted.