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Also Korea impeachment "should be bound by" bill passed after the first meeting harsh voice

2016-12-10 18:57:00
In response to the proposal to seek the National Assembly in the Park Kune of (Park Geun) presidential impeachment of South Korea has been passed, a large-scale rally that has continued until this is in the heart of Seoul is also open 10 days, from the participants whereas successive voice rejoice passed, has been extremely harsh voice be heard such as "should be binding on the president."


Economic news

To government TPP participating countries to encourage to promote domestic procedures

2016-12-10 06:54:00
The government, in response to the fact that TPP = Pacific partnership agreement has been approved, for the participating countries, with the aim of entry into force has decided to encourage tenaciously to promote the domestic procedures. However, from the fact that Trump the next president of the United States have expressed the withdrawal, entry into force of the TPP agreement is in a very severe situation, is whether the focus of the immediate approval of each country can be obtained.


Political News

To the cabinet decision in this month guidelines for the prime minister Fukushima reconstruction acceleration

2016-12-10 17:25:00
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is 10 days, visited the reconstruction situation visited Fukushima Prefecture Minami Soma City, incorporating such as that country the cost of decontamination carried out in a part of the feedback difficult zone to bear, toward the reconstruction acceleration of Fukushima was the basic guidelines showed the idea of ​​cabinet decision by the end of the month.


MinSusumu Renhō representative no-confidence motion is determined assess situation

2016-12-10 16:23:00
Democratic Progressive Party of lotus 舫代 table told reporters in Nagoya City, the government and the ruling party in terms of the criticism that downplayed the Diet deliberations, to identify and status of the bill deliberation in the late Parliament to welcome the meeting year-end to next week 14 days , it showed the idea to determine whether or not to submit a no-confidence motion against Abe Cabinet.


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