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21 children killed in a shooting at an elementary school in Texas, USA Is the suspect shot dead?

2022-05-25 16:29:00
A shooting incident occurred at an elementary school in Texas, southern United States on the 24th, and American media reported that a total of 21 people, including 19 children, were killed, according to local authorities. The suspect is an 18-year-old high school boy who is believed to have been shot dead on the spot by a police officer who rushed to the scene, and local authorities are investigating the detailed situation and motives of the crime, considering it as a single crime.


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Morinaga arsenic milk addiction victim "symptom exacerbation insufficient compensation" complaint

2022-05-25 16:47:00
In the "Morinaga arsenic milk poisoning incident" that occurred 67 years ago, a 68-year-old woman in Osaka who had cerebral palsy when she was an infant claimed that "the compensation for the victims whose symptoms continue to worsen is insufficient". Then, Morinaga Milk Industry, which produced powdered milk mixed with arsenic, was sued for a consolation fee of 55 million yen.


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