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Mizuho FG solidifies investment policy in Rakuten Securities, direction of acquiring 20% โ€‹โ€‹of the stock

2022-10-05 20:42:00
Mizuho Financial Group, a major financial company, has decided to invest in Rakuten Securities, a major online securities company. With a policy to acquire 20% of the shares next month, in the financial industry, major financial groups and online brokerages, which are increasing the number of accounts, especially among the younger generation, are forming one after another.


Political News

House of Representatives question: Izumi Ritsumin demands the dismissal of Minister of Economic Revitalization, but the prime minister refuses

2022-10-05 19:32:00
The Diet began on the 5th at the plenary session of the House of Representatives, where representative questions from each party began on Prime Minister Kishida's policy speech. Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, demanded that Minister Yamagiwa, in charge of economic revitalization, be dismissed for hiding the facts about his relationship with the former Unification Church and repeatedly making excuses. I'm explaining." and refused the request.


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