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Economic news(2015/01/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

Yamaguchi Metropolitan Oita super to the management integration of

2015-01-09 22:59:00
And "Marukyu" that expand the supermarket around the Yamaguchi Prefecture, to deploy such as food supermarket in Kyushu "Marumiya store", in order to strengthen the competitiveness to expand the store network, management integration in this year in July was revealed that it has agreed to.


Supplementary budget "was focused in on where the economy weak" Deputy Prime Minister

2015-01-09 21:36:00
For this year's supplementary budget that has been determined the 9th, Aso Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, at a press conference after the extraordinary cabinet meeting, "where the weak economy, focuses on places vulnerable, and do concluded sense of speed recorded a business for. In that sense, fine, it was stated that as I think "are juicing the target.


TEPCO measures to renewable energy acceptance of Fukushima

2015-01-09 20:40:00
TEPCO Hirose Naomi president, the 9th, and met with Miyazawa Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Fukushima Prefecture is required, such as renovation of substation so that it is possible to accept the renewable energy that are promulgated positioned as reconstruction of the pillars You have reported doing measures.


Of November diffusion index three months the first time in worsening

2015-01-09 18:58:00
diffusion index of last year in November by the Cabinet Office has announced, such as from that downturn in the shipment of such vehicle is followed, index that shows the current state of the economy has worsened for the first time in three months.


Stock modest rise

2015-01-09 17:06:00
The 9th Tokyo stock market, from such expectations for additional monetary easing by the European Central Bank, the morning, while the buy order has spread, also gradually increasing order selling and that attempts to ensure the immediate profit, after all, the stock slightly It was Na rise.


Iwate Korean seafood import ban to re-examination in such

2015-01-09 14:57:00
In contaminated water problem of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, the South Korean government, which has banned the importation of marine products such as Northeast, following the last month, dispatched again experts next week in Japan, Iwate Prefecture and Aomori Prefecture, etc. it was decided to perform a field survey.


JA Zenchu ​​of accounting audit Agriculture Minister "I have finished the role"

2015-01-09 14:12:00
Nishikawa the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, for compulsory accounting audit of agricultural cooperatives of JA Zenchu ​​that has been the focus of agricultural cooperatives reform the government proceed, in terms of showed recognition that already role was finished, such as the elimination of privileges of audit continue I have emphasized the idea to proceed with reform.


Kanazawa ~ Fukui between further ahead of schedule "technically difficult"

2015-01-09 13:25:00
Among the new Shinkansen lines, Hokuriku Shinkansen not only ahead of schedule Kanazawa Fukui three years the opening time of, about what the ruling party further or early are not you are a do a study, Ota Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister after the cabinet meeting of the 9th In the press conference, and said, "there is a technically difficult surface", and showed a cautious view to further speed up the opening.


Joyo Bank introduced the "moving bank"

2015-01-09 12:07:00
The Joyo Bank there is a head office in Mito, so that it can be out the cash, even when a large-scale disaster, introduced the "moving bank" provided the ATM = of automated teller machines and special counter to the bed portion of the track .


Tokyo market share price rise

2015-01-09 10:17:00
The 9th Tokyo stock market, such as from that stock price has risen across the board in Europe and the United States market of the 8th, stock price spread is buy order has risen. Market participants from such expectations for additional monetary easing by the "European Central Bank, is. Crude oil futures price of the stock price rises across the board in the 8th of Western markets such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average in New York stock market will rise more than $ 300 There is also that it is the time being calm, weakened attitude of trying to avoid the risk in the Tokyo market, buy order will not talk to "is ahead.


Extra payment penalties 8 billion yen Honda rice

2015-01-09 09:13:00
Honda of major automotive manufacturers in the United States, a problem that did not go the report of the accident, which has been mandated through last year from 2003, Honda has been paid in more than eight billion yen penalties.


NY stock price $ 300 ultra-rise

2015-01-09 06:49:00
New York stock market of the 8th, in response to such that this day announced employment-related economic indicators has spread a sense of security to the future of the economy exceeded the expectations of the market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has risen by more than $ 300.


Brazil new car sales down even Japanese cars firm

2015-01-09 06:32:00
New cars sold last year in the automotive market in Brazil world's fourth largest, although declined more than 7%, compared to approximately 3.5 million units in the previous year, Japanese car has maintained a strong sales, such as extending the share.


Supplementary budget today Cabinet decision of such economic measures

2015-01-09 04:09:00
Government, this year's supplementary budget that incorporates such economic measures that encourage the evocation and local activation of consumption, the 9th, to determine the Cabinet. Total 3 trillion 118 billion yen of supplementary budget, total economic measures will be 3 trillion 528.9 billion yen.


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