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Economic news(2015/01/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

The economic Watchers Survey 5 months the first time rise

2015-01-13 23:10:00
People working hear the feeling of the economy, the "Economy Watchers Survey" of last month, the index from such recovery in personal consumption was turned to rise for the first time in five months.


Gas after retail two years to full liberalization of

2015-01-13 21:33:00
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the retail full liberalization of the gas also at home to to choose a contractor of city gas freely decided to be carried out in the prospect in 2017 after two years, the amendment of the necessary legislation now to be submitted to this year of ordinary Diet session.


Korean seafood import ban is the second field survey

2015-01-13 20:53:00
In contaminated water problem of TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, the South Korean government, which has banned the importation of marine products in eight provinces, such as the Northeast is to dispatch experts to Japan following the last month, the second local I began an investigation.


Yen exchange rate appreciation

2015-01-13 18:21:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on Renkyuake is, as expected to the American economic outlook is retracted somewhat, out movement to buy a circle by selling dollar, yen exchange rate has risen.


I below bankruptcy companies '24 the first time in 10,000

2015-01-13 16:20:00
Last year the number of companies that went bankrupt in one year, from such as that bankruptcy of the construction industry in the increase of public works has been greatly reduced, that it was less than the 10,000 before the first time in '24 10% worn out from years of, I was found in the summary of the credit research firm.


Stock price drops

2015-01-13 15:52:00
Tokyo stock market of the 13th of the beginning of the week, the out orders from selling such as concerns over the future of the global economy due to the decline in crude oil prices, stock prices were drops.


The lowest level update to the long-term interest rate 0.255%

2015-01-13 14:47:00
Tokyo bond market 13 days, from the fact that uncertainty is out in the future of the world economy against the background of the rapid decline in crude oil prices, strengthened the movement to buy Japanese government bonds that are relatively safe assets, long-term interest rates up to 0.255% decrease, I've updated the lowest past levels.


Low of months the first time in crude oil futures price 5 years 4

2015-01-13 13:58:00
In the Tokyo Commodity Exchange of the 13th, a leading investment bank in the United States are gathered sell order in crude oil futures from the fact that lowered the outlook for oil prices, futures prices has put the approximately 5 years 4 months the first time lows.


Concern in crude oil decline dividing stock price ¥ 17,000

2015-01-13 12:20:00
Tokyo stock market of the 13th of the beginning of the week, the out orders from selling such as concerns over the future of the global economy due to the decline in crude oil prices to a wide range of stocks, stock price drops close to 300 yen, not interrupting the ¥ 17,000 you.


The world's largest North American Motor Show kicks off

2015-01-13 10:35:00
In the Midwest of Detroit that symbolizes the American automobile industry, the world's largest and scale opening the North American Motor Show, such as to announce a number of new models of their respective companies both large vehicles in response to such decline in crude oil prices, competition is intense has increased.


Current account 5 consecutive month surplus of last year in November

2015-01-13 09:03:00
"Current account" last November in Japan that indicates whether earned much in such trade and financial transactions with overseas, and the like that deficit of trade balance in response to the decline in crude oil prices have significantly reduced, 433 billion I became a surplus and five consecutive months of surplus of circle.


The decline in NY crude oil futures price 1:45 dollars

2015-01-13 07:18:00
New York crude oil market beginning of the week the 12th is a leading investment bank is crude oil price of US gathered sell orders in futures because it showed the prospect of further falls future, futures price of crude oil temporary, 9 months the first time in years approximately 5 I fell up to 1 barrel = 45 dollars to.


Spate of such stop selling of life insurance savings insurance

2015-01-13 04:43:00
By is followed by a large-scale monetary easing background to historically low interest rates of the Bank of Japan, between the life insurance company, as has become difficult to secure investment yield, to stop selling of single premium type of insurance with savings is a movement to take off to such offers one after another.


Movement move production overseas to domestic weaker yen

2015-01-13 04:23:00
Some of precision equipment and electronics manufacturers By weak yen is advanced but has begun a move to transfer to the domestic part of the production of overseas, whether the company's strategy has shifted focus to change overseas You are attracting attention in the future.


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