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Economic news(2015/02/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

The movement of export expansion in the automobile companies weaker yen background

2015-02-14 11:23:00
In between the automaker a weaker yen in the background, movement and that trying to expand exports from Japan to strong overseas markets such as the United States has come out.


The recovery in NY stock $ 18,000 base

2015-02-14 06:31:00
New York stock market 13 days, more and more orders to buy from the fact that the world economy growth rate of the euro area, which has become a concern GDP = gross regional production of became a plus, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price the first time in about a month and a half I have risen to $ 18,000 table to.


To determine the correct recommendation of additional tariffs against China

2015-02-14 04:18:00
As China that are multiplied by the additional tariff on stainless steel pipe to be imported from and Japan are in violation of the rules of the WTO = World Trade Organization, Japan is in have problems that sued along with the EU = European Union, WTO is admitted generally the claim, such as Japan, has shown a determination to recommend corrective measures against China.


Next week the focus October-December GDP

2015-02-14 00:29:00
16th, will be announced the preliminary figures of GDP = gross domestic product of up to 12 months from last October. In the prediction of private research companies and financial institutions, and round the impact of decreased recoil of consumption tax increase, against the background of the improvement in consumer spending recovery and corporate earnings, making it the positive outlook for first time in three years. Japan's economy, which fell largely under the influence of the consumption tax increase, it is attention is likely in terms of whether to verify the're how far bounced back.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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