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Economic news(2015/02/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Yen exchange rate somewhat drops

2015-02-23 18:10:00
Tokyo foreign exchange market of the beginning of the week 23rd, from the fact that concerns over the eurozone economy is retracted the time being by the extension of financial assistance to Greece was decided, out movement to sell the circle that is relatively safe assets yen exchange rate was somewhat drops.


"Honda" Ito president to have resigned

2015-02-23 17:33:00
"Honda", as to renew the management structure, retired Ito TakashiShin president president positions in this year in June, the successor of the president appointed the Yasato Takahiro Managing Executive Officer in charge of China business and human resources I was appointed a.


Super sales 10 consecutive months down

2015-02-23 16:00:00
Last month's sales of the major super nationwide, and less than 1.7% the same month of the previous year by sluggish sales of clothing, after raising the consumption tax rate of last year in April, this in 10 or month became the continuous negative.


Nikkei Stock Average rose

2015-02-23 15:40:00
Tokyo stock market of the 23rd of the beginning of the week, the out orders to buy as concerns about Europe economy is retracted the time being, stock price has risen.


Application such as Skymark support "ANA" HD

2015-02-23 15:14:00
Last month the management bankrupt, airlines who received start determination of rehabilitation proceedings by the Civil Rehabilitation Law from the court, for the recruitment of airlines to support the reconstruction of "Skymark Airlines", such as "ANA Holdings" with under its umbrella ANA applicants that it was it was found.


Teijin is to invest in medical equipment manufacturer

2015-02-23 14:33:00
"Teijin" of fiber giant, is invested in medical equipment maker maker of artificial joints under the umbrella of Okayama Prefecture of companies, has decided to strengthen the medical-related businesses.


Decrease in the white goods shipments 4 consecutive months

2015-02-23 13:54:00
Such as air conditioners and refrigerators, last month of domestic shipments of so-called white goods is reduced by 22% compared to the same month of the previous year there was a last-minute demand before the consumption tax hike, now four consecutive months of negative.


US fund to "Yukiguni Maitake" to the TOB

2015-02-23 12:54:00
To Niigata Prefecture of mushroom production and sales company "Yukiguni Maitake", America's leading investment fund "Bain Capital" is embarked on a tender offer of TOB = stock, it was revealed that the aim of a subsidiary.


To Mitsui Sumitomo silver union Bear 1.5% request

2015-02-23 11:58:00
Union of "Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation" of large banks, at this year's spring offensive, for the base up to raise the base salary in uniform, entered the final adjustment in the direction of finding a hike of 1.5 percent over last year as a whole was. In addition, our policy is union of two lines other major also seek the base up.


Japanese government and business of the delegation visit to Iraq

2015-02-23 08:01:00
While extremist organization IS = Isla mix Tate is to invigorate activities, in Iraq that has a rich oil resources, delegation visited by the Japanese government and Japanese companies, the possibility of investment for the fields of infrastructure development, such as the oil industry and power was explored.


Insurance omnibus to agency regulations strengthening

2015-02-23 04:43:00
FSA, for handling the goods of more than one insurance company "omnibus agency", so that you can consider while comparing the customers when selling, the regulatory measures to strengthen you and such as requiring that shows all the products that meet the needs was compiled.


"Fairlady Z" creator died

2015-02-23 04:28:00
In former president of the American corporation of "Nissan", popular sports car, "Fairlady Z" Katayama Yutaka is 19th of this month, which is known as the father, died of heart failure. Was 105 years old.


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