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Economic news(2015/02/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

The downward revision to US GDP revised value + 2.2%

2015-02-27 23:48:00
Announced revised value of GDP = gross domestic product of up to 12 months from last October of the United States, although the expansion continued, increase of sluggish growth and importers housing investment Push down on the whole, the growth rate of real which was converted into annual rate It has been revised down to plus 0.4 points lower than the 2.2 percent preliminary figures were announced last month.


Housing starts 11 months continuous decrease

2015-02-27 23:17:00
January, the number of units of housing that is groundbreaking in the nation, because the recoil of the consumption tax hike before the rush demand has continued, were lower than in the same month of the previous year in 11 consecutive months.


Skymark Airlines stock last traded

2015-02-27 22:54:00
Shares of airlines "Skymark" that has been decided delisting next month the 1st with the 27th will be the last transaction of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the stock was traded at 14 yen.


Foot Cabinet Office in personal consumption region

2015-02-27 22:24:00
And as the Cabinet Office announced the economic situation of the country 11 regions, and signs are of increase in the production of companies, although the employment situation has also been steadily improving, are foot of signs in rural areas for personal consumption, 8 In other of I deferred the economic judgment of the region.


GPIF third quarter 6 trillion yen in excess of the surplus

2015-02-27 21:42:00
Independent administrative agency that operates a reserve of public pensions, announced the investment performance from last October just after the review of the investment policy to raise the ratio of equity to December, approximately of the second highest past level 6 It was a surplus of trillion 600 billion yen.


Mazda Japan's first diesel private car announced

2015-02-27 20:44:00
Mazda, announced the 27th the models of diesel engine only, the company side, the car equipped with a diesel engine that has to comply with the limits for exhaust gas will not want to aim to spread so that the third pole of the eco-car.


Humanoid robot sales start first for software developers

2015-02-27 18:04:00
Softbank leading telecommunications company, when will broaden the use of humanoid robot that can conversation that was developed himself, began selling robot to professionals of software development.


Bank of Japan Governor "proceed conversion of deflation consciousness steady"

2015-02-27 16:50:00
Bank of Japan Kuroda the 27th, a lecture in Tokyo, as such movement of raising of wages is expected to lead to positive circulation of economy, conversion of deflation mind among the crude oil of low level continues steadily progressing I showed the recognition that there.


JR Kyushu "after complete privatization also route maintenance"

2015-02-27 14:47:00
Ota Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, for that after deficit routes JR Kyushu is full privatization is out is concern that not being abolished, after complete privatization also maintain routes from that country is going to be involved, I showed the idea that rail network can be secured.


Significant increase from the industrial production index previous month

2015-02-27 09:05:00
Last month's industrial production index to show the company of production activities, from such that the increased production of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for overseas, it becomes a significant rise of 4% compared with the previous month, the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery island before the level was.


The unemployment rate of 3.6% the previous month worsening

2015-02-27 08:52:00
3.6 percent unemployment rate in the last month of the country, was 0.2 percentage points worse than in the previous month.


The ratio of job offers 1.14 times the previous month the same level

2015-02-27 08:47:00
For one person seeking work, the last month of the ratio of job offers to show how many people of jobs from companies in the 1.14 times the same level as the previous month, has continued to remain strong employment situation.


I hurry consultation office level to the US TPP agreement

2015-02-27 06:44:00
Negotiations of TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, although Japan and the United States the two countries responsible for the United States Trade Representative Cutler deputy representative agency of which the consultation between the confrontation point between the United States and Japan have been narrowed down, remain difficult challenges still weaving, has shown the idea of ​​rushing the consultation office level to be able to outline agreement open promptly Ministerial Meeting.


The transaction at a reasonable price tofu skilled in the art to demand

2015-02-27 04:26:00
As management of tofu shops of the town has been squeezed by raw material price increases and retail price declines due to weaker yen, day and night across the country tofu skilled in the art 26, open the meeting in Tokyo, and will seek a deal at a reasonable price I have agreed to refrain such thing.


Focus support is to Otsukakagu different management strategy

2015-02-27 04:13:00
Founder of the chairman and between the eldest daughter of the president jockeying of management continues, furniture sales leading larger gap of two of opinion over the improvement of performance in Otsukakagu, next month the following management structure is determined Towards a general meeting of shareholders, or support of the shareholders how many gather to different management strategies, such as face-to-face sales Come is, it is likely to be the focus.


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