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Economic news(2015/03/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

Spring offensive endgame of the base level up Tour negotiations leading companies

2015-03-14 18:32:00
Centralized answer date of the spring offensive Ahead after 4 days, such as negotiations around the level of the base up is advanced by leading companies such as electrical machinery and automobiles, spring offensive of this year has reached the final stage.


Spring offensive Electric giant virtually settled at 3000 yen Bear

2015-03-14 16:54:00
At this year's spring offensive, such as electrical machinery leading six companies management side of Hitachi, for the base up to raise the base salary in uniform, and firm policy to answer at 3000 yen per month over last year's level, also accept become a prospect union side, labor negotiations over wages was settled on the fact. 3000 yen of the base up, labor negotiations and it became in 1998 and later in today's system, is the highest level.


The investment appeal of countries in Egypt International Conference

2015-03-14 08:16:00
Four years since the collapse of the previous dictatorship, in an unstable economic situation continues Egypt, begins large-scale international conference a collection of government and corporate officials from around the world, the entire Sissi President, a stable of Egypt Middle East was called for investment in each country and as leading to stable.


Successive wage increase of leading life insurance sales staff

2015-03-14 07:28:00
Among the raising of wages is noted at this year's spring offensive, between the major life insurance company, from the new year, we are series of movements to determine the increase in the wages of sales staff.


Final adjustment at 3000 yen Denki major base up

2015-03-14 06:22:00
At this year's spring offensive, such as electrical machinery leading six companies management side of Hitachi, for the base up to raise the base salary in uniform, went into labor union side and the final adjustments in the direction you want to answer in the month ¥ 3,000 over last year's level .


Drops the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price $ 140 or more

2015-03-14 05:46:00
New York stock market of the 13th is not sluggish economic indicators that have been published in this day America, outlook cautious are sold a wide range of stocks from the fact that came to the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price of economy has fallen more than $ 140.


Differentiation in strengthening Resona president personalized service

2015-03-14 05:43:00
Financial giant that became expected to finish the repayment of public funds that had been received from the country in the summer of this year, to the east Kazuhiro President NHK interview of "Resona Holdings", in the strengthening of services for individuals, other banks I have emphasized the policy for enhancing the differentiation with.


Focus rice FRB Open Market Committee next week

2015-03-14 00:18:00
The 17th, the American central bank = FRB is, the Open Market Committee to determine the monetary policy until the 18th for two days, will open. Based on the improvement of the employment situation, the zero interest rate policy to fix the now of policy of "continue patiently", is attention to whether the show-depth thinking towards the rate hike.


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