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Economic news(2015/03/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Asian infrastructure investment silver Taiwan also of participation intention

2015-03-28 22:14:00
For Asia infrastructure investment bank China advocated, to Vincent Siew former Vice President China's Xi Jinping Jintao of Taiwan, Taiwan is to convey the intention want to participate, the Chinese side of future correspondence will be attention.


The call participation to 習主 seat themselves AIIB

2015-03-28 17:56:00
Xi Jinping Jintao of China's speech at the international forums, for AIIB = Asian infrastructure investment bank China has proposed the establishment, and said, "it is open-minded ones, to welcome the participation from around the world", himself supreme leader I was invited to participate in each country.


To foreign car manufacturer after another eco-car is turned on

2015-03-28 14:44:00
Automobile manufacturers overseas, in the popular Japanese market, such as hybrid vehicles, also seen a good car of demand for fuel consumption is expanding, we have put in succession the eco-car that takes advantage of its own brand in the future.


I seek cooperation to the US Treasury Secretary AIIB

2015-03-28 12:02:00
American Lou Treasury Secretary, met with Beijing Li Keqiang Prime Minister of China this month 30 days for Asia infrastructure investment bank China has proposed the establishment, as well as coordination with existing international organizations such as the World Bank, the same loan It is expected to go asked to thoroughly such as management based on the criteria.


FRB Chairman zero interest rate policy later this year release of outlook

2015-03-28 10:21:00
The United States of Ieren chairman of FRB = Federal Reserve Board that hit the central bank in the lecture, for the termination of the zero interest rate policy that has been the focus, if goes well the recovery of the economy, is released by the end of the year, the prospect that go ahead to raise interest rates showed.


And willing to participate in the Bank of Australian officials China proposed

2015-03-28 09:14:00
For Asia infrastructure investment bank China has proposed the establishment, Australian officials, we describe the relationship between the allies America and "does not preclude the construction of relations with China", to positively consider joining You will be expected to show that you are.


China experts "the Japan and the United States of the world multipolarity face"

2015-03-28 09:13:00
to participate in the Asian infrastructure investment bank China advocated, for that Japan and the United States have shown a cautious stance, China experts, among the world toward the multipolarity from America overconcentration, the two countries face this we showed the view that we should consider joining in.


Summit anticipation consultation continues in the TPP automotive field

2015-03-28 08:51:00
In consultation with Japan and the United States automotive field of over the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement that had been done in Washington, the Japanese negotiators showed a recognition that progress in narrowing of conflict points, the next month the end of the US-Japan summit anticipation was also will be performed talks next month.


The claim for damages of 220 billion yen more than in Canada in Takata

2015-03-28 08:36:00
And around the air bag Takata of auto parts manufacturers to produce, by the problem that one after another recall, Takata and its subsidiaries, it was found that was awakened a class action lawsuit seeking damages of more than 220 billion yen to meet in Canada year.


Economy next week of focus "Tankan"

2015-03-28 05:30:00
The 1st, the Bank of Japan Tankan = Tankan business survey will be announced. In the private forecast, from the influence of crude oil price declines, many view that the improvement of even small and medium-sized enterprises economic judgment not only large companies spread, announcements will be attention.


40% reduction from the deposit insurance premium new year

2015-03-28 04:58:00
Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan, in order to protect the deposit in preparation for when it is bankrupt, the insurance premiums that financial institutions are paying every year, as are at risk of collapse of financial institutions fade away, from the 2015 fiscal year to reduce 40% now.


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