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Economic news(2015/03/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Wary of growth slowdown in the People's Bank of China Governor prices

2015-03-29 20:28:00
Zhou Xiaochuan of hitting the central bank of China, "People's Bank of China" is the current state of the domestic price, in terms of showed a sense of vigilance states that "a slowdown in growth of prices but somewhat steep", the economy was further deceleration case, we suggest that you take the monetary easing measures of one stage.


習国 House Chief "complement the existing international financial"

2015-03-29 19:23:00
For Asia infrastructure investment bank China advocated, Xi Jinping Jintao said that "something that complements the existing international financial", China is trying to compete with existing international financial institutions such as the United States led in a new bank You will be seen that there is a aim for wiping (wiping) and a sense of vigilance that's in or not.


Trouble with Mitsubishi LCD TV

2015-03-29 18:46:00
In major electronics manufacturer "Mitsubishi Electric" made of liquid crystal television, suddenly though nothing has been operating, the trouble or cut-off is powered, occurs on a nationwide scale through the afternoon of the 29th, to examine the detailed cause the company have.


The spate of entry into the seniors for eateries

2015-03-29 15:25:00
Amid aging, in between, such as food company, targeting seniors increase of more than 60 generations of expected consumption, and one after another movement that embark in the management of new eateries.


Asian infrastructure investment silver participation expressed 41 countries

2015-03-29 11:04:00
Tour of the Asian infrastructure investment bank China advocated the establishment, have spread the movement of participation between the developed countries and of Asia outside the country, the number of countries that have expressed their intention of participation became the 41 countries together.


Asian infrastructure investment silver Australia officially announced participation

2015-03-29 06:58:00
The Tour of the Asian infrastructure investment bank China advocated, the Australian Government, for ensuring the transparency of operations of the United States of Japan and allies are concerned, to participate as "good progress has been made in talks with the Chinese side." I was officially announced that.


Also trading price guide published to rice new market opening

2015-03-29 04:00:00
Making wholesalers organizations this year in July, will be opening a new trading market that target the rice for staple food, we also consider to publish an indication of the transaction price by brand in the future.


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