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Economic news(2015/04/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Even tough negotiations with TPP Japan-US ministerial consultation rice

2015-04-18 19:08:00
TPP = Japanese and US governments in the negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement does the ministerial consultations in Tokyo from the 19th. For rice has become a major focus has been argue that 50,000 tons is a limit as the Japanese side according maximize whereas has asked the United States side is increasing annually 210,000 tons more than the import volume, distance severe negotiation is expected to fill a.


Also signs of China's housing prices bottoming out

2015-04-18 16:30:00
Last month the price of new homes in China, although the number of cities that fell from the previous month exceeds the number of rise in 11 consecutive months, the last time, if you are picking up around the big city when compared to February, sluggish also has come out view that signs of bottoming out began to appear in the real estate market continues.


Also the voice of AIIB support to G20 emerging center

2015-04-18 07:24:00
Finance Minister of G20 = 20 major countries that had been held in Washington and Central Bank Governors meeting on November 17, was ended by adoption a statement confirming the importance of infrastructure investment towards the bottom-up of the world economy. The focus was the AIIB = Asian infrastructure investment over the bank discussion, through a series of dates, voice to support the emerging countries has been issued.


Significant decline in NY strains Greece concern

2015-04-18 05:37:00
17th New York stock market, in addition to concerns about the Greek financing to face the financial crisis, the contents of the financial results of major companies from such did that wielded, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has fallen temporary $ 350 or more.


European stock Greece concern intensified greatly decline

2015-04-18 04:46:00
In Europe the main stock market of the 17th, a growing concern for the Greek financing, almost become a fared deployment, Greece addition to stock index fell about 3%, for example, to fall more than 2.5 percent in Germany, stock prices have fallen significantly in each market.


Also concern of Greece support consultation difficulties funds depletion

2015-04-18 04:45:00
Greek government cash position has increased the severity is, towards the finance ministers meeting of eurozone to discuss financial assistance to Greece this month 24th, is the idea that you want to strive to overcome the situation by showing a concrete structure reform plan But, so far talks have bogged down, funds unless support is obtained in this state has come out also concern that depletion.


ANA is the final adjustment to the investment in Skymark support

2015-04-18 03:20:00
This year the management failed in January, in order to support the reconstruction of the airline "Skymark" which is underway rehabilitation proceedings by the Civil Rehabilitation Law, in a direction such as "ANA Holdings" with under its umbrella ANA funded, final adjustment that you are now in became apparent.


Strengthening "J. Front" is Senshukai affiliated with net sales

2015-04-18 01:10:00
"Daimaru Matsuzakaya department store" run like "J. Front Retailing" is to get the stock of "Senshukai" mail-order giant announced the capital alliance, it was decided to strengthen the sales through the Internet.


Next week the focus trade statistics

2015-04-18 00:04:00
22, of March Japan's trade statistics are published. February is now a trade balance is 32 consecutive months of deficit minus imports from exports, deficit has been significantly reduced as compared to the same month of last year due to the influence of such decline in crude oil prices, which this time and whether it will be noted so.


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