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Economic news(2015/05/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

1.5 times ADB President facility cooperation with AIIB

2015-05-02 18:00:00
ADB = beginning from the annual general meeting is the 2nd of the Asian Development Bank, in Nakao Governor press conference, as well as to expand the facility to meet the enormous demand for infrastructure in Asia to now 1.5 times, China is founded Both AIIB = Asian infrastructure investment bank to advocate has shown the idea to cooperate.


Resource management strengthen the eel aquaculture to the permit system in

2015-05-02 11:11:00
To protect the eel that is a concern internationally reduction of resources, from the Fisheries Agency next month, the aquaculture of eel in the country of the permit system, now that the strengthening of resource management.


Match ADB president and AIIB executive infrastructure construction cooperation

2015-05-02 09:15:00
ADB = Asian Development Bank of Nakao Takehiko president and met with executives of the founding secretariat of AIIB = Asian infrastructure investment bank China advocated the establishment, both Tour of infrastructure construction is matched with the idea that work together.


New vehicle sales increase of 4.6% in the US in April

2015-05-02 08:02:00
Last month of the new car sales in the United States, from such sales of SUV = sports utility vehicle was strong against the background of the gradual recovery of the economy, grew 4.6 percent from the same month of the previous year.


NY Dow rose $ 100 or more

2015-05-02 06:29:00
New York stock market the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price movement to buy back shares of companies that have fallen this place mainly in IT-related spread has risen by more than $ 100.


Strengthening visit to Japan for foreigners tour companies sell

2015-05-02 06:01:00
Among foreign visitors to Japan to surge, in between major domestic travel company, in partnership with overseas travel reservation site enhance the products for foreigners, such as to sell their tour goods are in demand uptake movement to strengthen the has spread.


Next week of the attention the United States employment statistics

2015-05-02 00:51:00
The 8th. American will be announced the employment statistics of last month (April). March the growth in the number of employed persons other than the agricultural sector is far below the expectations of financial markets, a cautious view for the US economy has expanded at once. In helping to see the current state of the American economy, the latest employment statistics have been noted in the market.     


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