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Economic news(2015/05/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

New exhibitions such as Russia Japanese cars of tough economy

2015-05-16 22:55:00
In Russia the severe economic situation continues, new car sales is not depressed significantly, exhibition to PR a new car, such as Japanese cars in the Far East of Vladivostok was held.


"The development of the main" in China and Wuhan Japanese products PR

2015-05-16 17:58:00
Chinese government in Wuhan of Hubei Province, locating the cornerstone of the development of the central region, Japanese products is the event that PR is opened, was crowded with many people.


It begins with the TPP chief negotiators meeting Guam

2015-05-16 16:43:00
TPP = beginning chief negotiators meeting of the negotiation participants 12 countries of the Pacific Rim partnership agreement in the United States of Guam, because prior to the meeting Tsuruoka chief negotiators is "time is really limited, maximum so that it leads to the early conclusion and he said the effort want to ", and showed the idea that want to connect the conflict point in holding Refine ministerial meeting.


The 96 billion yen more than the payment instruction to such US District Court Nomura HD

2015-05-16 12:54:00
American mortgage-related financial instruments, which is also the cause of the financial crisis as was sold at the insufficient explanation, in the trial, such as the securities of Japan leading "Nomura Holdings" has been sued by the American authorities, NY Federal district court 15 days, taking over the sales and financial instruments, was ordered to pay approximately $ 800 million (more than 96 billion yen in Japanese yen).


"Close to the smartphone Garake" after another to put

2015-05-16 11:25:00
Conventional mobile phone, to accommodate the strong demand of the so-called "Garake", NTT DoCoMo and KDDI is, as a new model for the holiday season of this summer, while there is a function close to the smartphone design and operability that remains Garake the product, it has to be introduced in succession.


Recommendations Council private legislators spending control measures

2015-05-16 06:09:00
Private members of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of the government, when attempt is reflected in the fiscal consolidation plan for the next five years, for the purpose of suppression of expenditure, health care and things and local to promote the entry of private operators care in areas such as incorporating such fundamentally reviewing that the allocation method of allocation tax are summarized recommendations.


Keidanren recommendations towards fiscal consolidation

2015-05-16 04:00:00
Keidanren, towards fiscal consolidation, has put together a proposal that incorporates such control measures of social security costs, such as the high pensioners a limit on the part of the payment of basic pension income.


Next week of attention GDP announcement (January-March)

2015-05-16 00:01:00
The 20th, will be announced the GDP = gross domestic product of up to March from January this year. Many market participants, although we look to become a plus of two consecutive, the pace of recovery from such bluntness of recovery in personal consumption has spread view that remain to be modest.


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