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Economic news(2015/05/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Z Group" to the "glory Seminar" acquisition

2015-05-19 23:55:00
As such as one step of reduction of children and the number of students in accordance with the low birth rate is expected, the company to expand the "Z Group" of communication education, announced the acquisition of the operating company of the cram school "glory Seminar", the future, teaching materials such as development was decided to go proceed jointly.


High level of US housing starts 7 and a half years

2015-05-19 22:31:00
Construction starts of housing, which is an index that represents the future of the American economy, last month and increased 20% over than the previous month, much higher than market expectations, has recovered to a high first time in about seven years and a half levels.


Prices to minus 55 years United Kingdom

2015-05-19 22:29:00
Last month's consumer price index in the UK, continue 0.1% and the decline compared with the same month of the previous year, in estimates of Bureau of Statistics becomes a minus for the first time in '55, the strong growth is not only the euro area United Kingdom But it is likely that the concern on prices sluggish flies.


Forward yen exchange rate against the euro

2015-05-19 18:36:00
Tokyo foreign exchange market 19 days, spread the view that the European Central Bank is accelerating the pace of purchase such as government bonds in quantitative easing, movement to sell the euro has strengthened further, yen exchange rate more than 2 yen appreciation band against the euro It was.


"Agricultural land bank" track record remains to 2% of the target

2015-05-19 17:50:00
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, lend farmland that are no longer in cultivation in order to encourage the large scale of agricultural land to producers who are willing, but the business of so-called "agricultural land bank" began from last year, performance of such lending is about goals It was revealed that it has remained in 20%.


Plus two months the first time in nationwide department store sales

2015-05-19 17:11:00
Last month's sales of national department stores, and recoil of buying restraint immediately after the consumption tax hike, which last year took place, sales for foreign visitors became positive in two months the first time from such that peaked past.


After SIM Unlock Softbank also buy half a year

2015-05-19 17:04:00
Softbank of major telecommunications companies, so-called after the release of "SIM lock" this month, in response that it has been mandatory to subject the terminal to be released, and to actually release to buy the same terminal with NTT DoCoMo and KDDI It was announced the six months after from.


The Nikkei Stock Average closing price for three weeks the first time in two million units recovery

2015-05-19 16:00:00
Tokyo stock market 19 days, out orders to buy a lot of stocks from such expectations to the American economy of the future, the closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average has recovered 20,000 yen level for the first time in three weeks.


TPP Tour JA Zenchu ​​emergency meeting

2015-05-19 14:29:00
TPP = the Tour of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, amid negotiations packed followed by agricultural products consultation of the United States and Japan, JA Zenchu ​​= Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives is, the 19th, held an emergency meeting in Tokyo, tariff agricultural products 5 item We again asked the government and the ruling parties to comply with the National Assembly of a resolution that want to to exception of elimination.


Vote whether the focus in the TPP bill deliberations this week in the US Senate

2015-05-19 12:43:00
Began in earnest in the TPP = deliberation of the bill that gives a strong negotiating authority to the US government in the negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Senate of this conference, it is whether the focus or be a vote this week.


To the employment rate high level of college students high school students

2015-05-19 11:21:00
And the employment rate is 96.7% of this spring graduated from college, and recovered to levels before the Lehman shock, high school became a high level even higher than the last year it was a bubble period par at 97.5%. Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry has said, "the local employment situation not only the metropolitan area has also been improving."


Nikkei Stock Average 3 weeks the first time in two million units recovery

2015-05-19 10:16:00
Tokyo stock market 19 days, out orders to buy a lot of stocks in response to the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has updated the highest value in the day before the New York market, as during the Nikkei Stock Average transaction time for the first time in three weeks 2 a million units I have recovered.


Pacific League in Taiwan to a new fan development

2015-05-19 06:19:00
Amid professional baseball Pacific League a reduction in the domestic baseball fan is expected, in order to develop a new customer base, for the first time Taiwan Tourism Expo to the exhibitors want, such as selling travel tours to Japan of tickets with to efforts It is carried out it was found.


Updated NY Dow highest value

2015-05-19 05:50:00
New York stock market beginning of the week 18th increase in order to buy from, such as in response to the announcement of large-scale acquisitions expectations of the market is booming, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price was updated the highest value.


Sumitomo Life Insurance to a "Company with Committees" system introduced

2015-05-19 01:48:00
Amid movement to increase the transparency of corporate management is spread, a system of Sumitomo Life Insurance of life insurance giant directors selected from outside the company with a strong authority in areas such as personnel management "company with committees" It was solidified introduced to policy.


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