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Economic news(2015/05/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

Yamada Denki to the end of this month at the 46 stores closed

2015-05-24 17:09:00
Yamada Denki electronics stores largest receives that in sluggish performance, to center the tempo of the local suburban, the tempo of the whole country 46 was to be closed simultaneously at the end of this month.


Ordinary income next year March period of listed companies to record highs

2015-05-24 15:20:00
Year ended March 31 closing of the companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the like that the performance of companies of export-related in the depreciation of the yen effect was strong, ordinary income of the whole exceeded the record high, next year March also it is expected to be a record high for the period.


Investigate the impact of the Bank of England EU withdrawal

2015-05-24 09:36:00
The Bank of England corresponding to the central bank of the United Kingdom, is related to the referendum to ask the pros and cons of the withdrawal from the EU = European Union Cameron prime minister is a commitment, if the British withdrew from the EU, about what effect the economy that it has started an investigation is now clear.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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