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Economic news(2015/06/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Match financial dialogue infrastructure development promotion during the day

2015-06-06 17:32:00
Japan and exchange financial officials opinion of China, "Japan-China Financial Dialogue" was held for the first time in about three years, it was matched by the recognition that to two countries cooperation will promote the infrastructure development of Asia.


High level of US long-term interest rates the first time in eight months

2015-06-06 16:12:00
New York bond market of five days, from the fact that this day has been the United States of employment statistics is greatly improved presentation, FRB = Federal Reserve Board has intensified view that go ahead to raise interest rates before the end of the year, long-term interest rates temporary, 2 and increased to .43% level, we put a high first time in about eight months level.


NY Fed president "rate hike late appropriate this year."

2015-06-06 10:21:00
New York Federal Reserve Bank of Dudley Governor, 5 days, and after lecture American employment statistics were greatly improved, the timing of interest rate hikes by the FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which is interest showed the idea that the second half's appropriate this year It was.


Russo-Japanese joint venture automotive steel plate factory is running

2015-06-06 09:53:00
In Russia's second largest city St. Petersburg suburbs, joint venture companies such as Mitsui & Co., Ltd. was founded, was earnest operate the plant for the production of iron plate to Japan and American automobile manufacturers to put a production base in the local.


To the first loan to the Development Bank of Japan overseas Airport

2015-06-06 06:27:00
Development Bank of Japan government-affiliated financial institutions, as the first of loans to overseas airports, has decided to finance the privatized airport Southwest England. The Japanese government have listed in one of the growth strategy of the privatization of airports, this time of the loan, will be seen that there is a aim to absorb the know-how of the airport management.


Next week of attention GDP revised value

2015-06-06 00:11:00
June 8. Revised value of GDP = gross domestic product of up to March from January this year in Japan will be announced. In the preliminary, which was announced in May, the GDP growth rate in January-March, but was 2.4% plus in terms of the annual rate in real terms excluding the fluctuation of prices, the movement of this place improvement corporate capital investment, which is seen is, it will be noted how it is reflected in the revised value.


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