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Economic news(2015/06/15)

Kyoto   Hakone

It abolished its currency in Zimbabwe extreme inflation

2015-06-15 21:37:00
In Zimbabwe of southern Africa, because in extreme inflation the value of their national currency was no longer in circulation collapse, the government decided to officially abolished, it was decided to be recovered in the exchange with the US dollar.


Government economic decision "followed by gradual recovery."

2015-06-15 20:57:00
The government, on the current state of the economy in this month's monthly economic report, but have come up with signs of recovery in corporate capital investment, a "gradual recovery from that particular change is not seen in personal consumption and corporate production We deferred the decision it is assumed followed by that. "


The creditors' meeting the Skymark revitalization plan two draft

2015-06-15 20:13:00
airlines rehabilitation proceedings are underway, for a proposed rehabilitation plan of Skymark Airlines, the Tokyo District Court, that both the proposal to Skymark is issued by the American aircraft leasing company of the large creditors against the this and the proposal submitted and we decided to measure the creditors' meeting to open in August.


Spate of price increases source '25 Sucking

2015-06-15 17:51:00
"Bull-Dog Sauce" is a demand and the yen's depreciation in emerging countries, as the price of raw materials is soaring, it announced that it would raise up to 9 percent of the price of the source from shipments of this year in August, between the source manufacturer In has spread the movement to raise the goods first time in 25 years.


In marine products embargo tour the 24th to the Japan-Korea talks

2015-06-15 17:27:00
South Korean government in response to the contaminated water problem of TEPCO Fukushima first nuclear power plant, and Tour of that prohibits the importation of marine products of the eight provinces such as Fukushima, Japan and both the government of South Korea, this month the 24th It is now to be carried out bilateral talks based on the agreement of the WTO = World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.


fear of the futon dryer fire at 30 million units collected

2015-06-15 17:05:00
Major electronics manufacturer, a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., announced the voluntary recall of approximately 300,000 units as there is a risk from the power plug of firing in sales was futon dryer in the country.


Venture development to the three-wheeled electric car sales

2015-06-15 16:53:00
electric car of the three-wheeled Kawasaki City venture company has been developed, certified that meets the national standards for safety and quality, earnest SOLD thing as a vehicle for business use, etc. mainly courier now.


"Southeast Asia Japan's oil reserves technology"

2015-06-15 16:41:00
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, open for the first time of training for the emerging economies of Southeast Asia, where oil reserves of initiatives has been delayed, we discussed the importance of advancing the stockpile in the country-led.


Uniqlo "stores and fused the ecommerce"

2015-06-15 15:12:00
Expand the UNIQLO's leading clothing chain "Fast Retailing" is, in partnership with a major consulting firm, the actual stores and market expansion of announced plans to promote the fusion of online shopping that follows.


Movement of single premium whole life insurance companies hike

2015-06-15 04:01:00
Amid ultra-low interest rates continues, between the life insurance company, as a sufficient yield can not be ensured in a production with a focus on government bonds, a move to raise the insurance premiums of life insurance of the high savings of single premium has one after another.


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