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Economic news(2015/06/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Additional criteria such as China rate cut monetary easing measures

2015-06-27 21:44:00
Central Bank of China, "the People's Bank of China," announced the additional monetary easing measures such as lowering the benchmark interest rate of loans and deposits of financial institutions by 0.25%, respectively, from the 28th. Reduction of policy interest rates, and amid slowdown in the Chinese economy is clear, it is seen that there is a further aim strengthen the attitude of the economic underpinning.


In the corresponding attention Greece referendum of eurozone finance ministers meeting

2015-06-27 18:35:00
The Tour of the financial assistance to Greece that funding is tight, finance ministers meeting in the euro area will be opened on the 27th night of the Japan time. Greece for austerity measures that have been determined from such EU = European Union, will be attention correspondence is in response to the fact that announced the idea to do a referendum to ask the pros and cons.


The priority of the LNG development China of Russia

2015-06-27 14:32:00
President of the Russian government-based gas company "Gazprom", the Japanese companies also plan to build LNG = liquefied natural gas plant in the Far East of Vladivostok near being considered to join, as "not be realized in the near future." The mentioned, showed the idea of ​​giving priority to pipeline plan of China.


Strengthening of the whiskey companies young people

2015-06-27 14:03:00
Domestic whiskey manufacturers that strong sales will follow to open the bar for a limited time, we are strengthening by or proposed a way to enjoy a little unusual whiskey, the initiatives that will broaden the market to young people.


The construction beginning after three years if Shinkansen adopted in Thailand

2015-06-27 08:10:00
For high-speed railway that Thailand is planning to build on the assumption the introduction of Japan's Shinkansen, Japan and the governments of Thailand, including the next month to be examined for technology and cost, once the formal adoption, after three years It matched by starting the construction of 2018.


It aims TPP US-Japan talks next month of early resumption

2015-06-27 07:16:00
The Japanese government, with the aim of early negotiations conclusion of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the idea that you want to resume working-level consultations between even Japan and the United States the two countries in early next month, the rice for staple food gap of opinion remains Japan import volume and to, whether Miidaseru the time the Tour of compromise of tariff elimination, such as an automobile is the focus.


And "withdraw" recommendation on imported cars additional duty Ukraine

2015-06-27 00:12:00
WTO = World Trade Organization, it acknowledged Ukraine is the and then complained of Japan additional tariffs that are applied to imported cars to protect the country's automotive industry is in violation of the rules of international trade across the board, adding to the Ukraine It showed the decision to recommend the withdrawal of the tariff.


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