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Economic news(2015/07/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

The last Russian waters Sakemasu fishing first landing

2015-07-05 19:34:00
Is banned from next year, part of the fishing boats have done the operation of salmon trout drift net fishing in the last become Russia's exclusive economic zone is returned to the harbor of the 5th Hokkaido Nemuro this year, it was the first landing.


More than 100 million yen more than 400 people executive compensation

2015-07-05 16:44:00
Domestic listing the number of officers who received a 100 million yen or more of the rewards last year at the company, it was found that it has become the most ever beyond the first 400 people.


To customs officials increased the number of such foreign visitors increase regional airports

2015-07-05 11:05:00
For foreign travelers visiting Japan has increased to record levels, the Ministry of Finance has decided to increase the number of the number of customs officials falls customs clearance operations in such regional airports.


Close cooperation with the government and the Bank of Japan Greece referendum

2015-07-05 06:31:00
Although national referendum to ask the pros and cons of austerity measures in Greece will take place on the 5th, from the fact that is not upset situation could cause financial markets by the result, the government and the Bank of Japan is that completeness to the corresponding in close cooperation the city has.


Greece today referendum national selection

2015-07-05 04:15:00
In Greece, which has fallen into financial crisis, EU = such as the European Union will be held national referendum five days ask the pros and cons of the acceptance of austerity measures that are a condition for financial assistance. If the opposite is familiar with the majority, Greece is also the possibility of withdrawal from the distance of the euro, the Greek national selection is attention.


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