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Economic news(2015/07/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Same-sex couples" to the mobile of Family Discount applied in certificate

2015-07-18 23:43:00
"KDDI" of leading telecommunications companies, with respect to same-sex couples that were not the subject of family discount to this, if there is a certificate deemed municipality is equivalent to marriage as Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, mobile phones, etc. We have firm policies to apply discounted rates for families.


"NISA" favorable investment amount 40% increase

2015-07-18 17:23:00
Amount of money that individual investors have invested such as in shares through tax incentives called "NISA" is increased by 40% over compared to the same period of last year in half a year until last month, background NISA strong of in a such as the stock market booming use has continued.


Consumption increase in production enhancement foreign travelers of "nonwoven"

2015-07-18 14:52:00
In response to that to such foreign travelers for visiting Japan extends sales of disposable diapers and mask, movement to enhance the production of "non-woven" as used in these in the country has one after another in between the material manufacturer.


Also signs of China's housing price improvement

2015-07-18 14:21:00
Sales price of new homes, which is an indicator of the Chinese economy, but the city also prices fell in June is now more than the elevated city, also visible signs of bottoming out around the big cities, China's real estate market It is attention or lead to a full-fledged recovery.


5-year futures of NY market gold is temporary three months lows

2015-07-18 08:28:00
New York futures price of gold in the market of the 17th has a good content of American economic indicators, it drops from such that movement to sell gold as a safe asset is growing, and with a low level of the temporary approximately 5 years and three months the first time below.


The call investing in Asian companies in the Russian Far East

2015-07-18 07:43:00
Russian government investment forum was held in the cities of the Russian Far East, which are trying to strengthen economic relations with Asian countries, government officials have called for aggressive investment in Japan and China companies.


Immediate debt repayment possible at Greece emergency loan

2015-07-18 06:12:00
In order to support the Greek financing refrain from repayment of a large amount of debt, EU = European Union agreed to carry out an emergency loan, the Greek government was now expected to be able to pay the immediate external debt.


Highest value updated in the continuous US Nasdaq market the 2nd

2015-07-18 05:55:00
Apple and Google, such as IT-related American NASDAQ market stocks have many listing of the 17th, stock index to rise against the background of the strong performance of the IT company, has updated the highest value for two consecutive day.


Toshiba to a third party committee of the report based on management responsibility judgment

2015-07-18 05:21:00
Discovered was an inappropriate accounting treatment of problem with Toshiba, we found that Tanaka Hisao president told his resignation to officials. Third-party committee to make outside of the experts who are investigating this issue, the report to be submitted to the company on the 20th, improper accounting treatment of the management structure itself was specified was a "systematic" If you are to be severely criticized, Toshiba Based on this, it will be expected to be ultimately determine the responsibility of former executives.


Adjustment in import quota of new TPP negotiations staple food for rice

2015-07-18 05:20:00
TPP = has become a Japan-US consultation at the maximum of the focal point of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the import volume to Japan of rice for staple food, the Japanese government as a unavoidable also certain concessions in order to guide the TPP negotiations to outline agreement , 70,000 or can not be settled consultation with newly provided that the import quota of about 80,000 tons from tons, it was found that it is complete the adjustment.


Outlook for deficit reduction in the "primary balance"

2015-07-18 04:22:00
The Cabinet Office backgrounds such as the growth of tax revenue, that the deficit of "primary balance" in fiscal 2020 that is an indicator of financial soundness is, to reduce from 9 trillion of about 400 billion yen it had initially expected to more than 6 trillion yen It is now clear that summarizes the outlook.


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