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Economic news(2015/08/15)

Kyoto   Hakone

Raw material prices in China rise in the influence of Tianjin explosion

2015-08-15 18:58:00
China media, under the influence of a massive explosion that occurred in Tianjin of China coastal areas, it is reported that the amount handled in Tianjin Port of near field futures price of many raw materials and agricultural products have begun to rise, the future impact on the Chinese economy There has been concern.


The maximum of the 1057 trillion yen extra national debt past

2015-08-15 15:18:00
The total amount of debt of countries such as government bonds, update the maximum 1057 trillion yen over the past at the time of the end of June this year, finance the country has become more severe.


Eurozone countries Greece support a formal agreement

2015-08-15 06:20:00
for Greece the financial crisis continues, the euro area countries, up to 12 trillion yen and agreed formally by carrying out the close financial assistance, Greek progress of structural reforms (progress) in fiscal consolidation while watching over the next three years it was decided to continue to boost towards efforts.


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